Letter to Zuzana

  • Dear Zuzana

    I saw your poster about Jon and the lich and had time to consider methods to save him from the lich... I should be able to locate it soul jar and end the lich for good if I succeeded in a rite to do with the shar stone that produce undead and get my stave complete... can I count your support to see this task through?

    Sarade Stamarster, Priestess of Mystra

    // Also want to try and do it at the weekend, so what times work in gmt?

  • To save Jon. You will have my Support.

    Zuzana of the Glade

    //Anytime on Saturday or Sunday is good.

  • Excerlent, your barkskin and other tricks will be most useful in keeping the undead hoards at bay, now we just need to find the armoured types to make a wall. Feel free to ask people yourself.

    Sarade Stamarster, Priestess of Mystra

    // Lets aim for late Saturday?