Time Vortex

  • You need to roll 26 to hit it. It does d10 physical + d6 magical damage. Has mind spells, as well as on-hit mind effects. Also +12/+7 attack.

    I get that I'm not supposed to solo quests...but I have 7 AB coming off the road (with a +1 dire mace), and no potions. I'm fugue-dipping to kill this and it's a loooooong fight. Could the AC be lowered, because I need a 19 to hit it with a Ro 1/Fi 2/Ra 3 build?

    Also, it rests if you leave it alone for too long.

  • I second this. the last four times i've attempted this on my solo lvl 6 pure ranger I have died to Time Vortex every time. Its either the confusion or the hold person that does me in every time.

    In this level range, I don't see clarity potions dropping either, and PoE doesn't appear to work.

    A correction could be adding clarity/other potions to the random loot pool, our possibly tuning this encounter to be less ooc knowledge intensive.

    Edit: Crystal lets hang out and not die trying to solo stuff

  • So this thing has 33 AC and you'd need +14 ab to hit it on something other than a nat 20?

  • Admin [DM]

    I'll look at it.

  • Let us know if you need a sacrificial test lamb.