Fairy Freedom Competion Prodject

  • Want 10,000 Gold?

    I, Zuzana of the Glade, Herby announce a challenge. A competition. From now to two weeks from now, I will be hosting a competition. The first place winner gets 10,000 gold from me.

    Rules are simple. Find bottled fey by any means. Find them in the wild, intercept the criminals transporting them, Find the sellers, if possible find the ones responsible for such an evil act on my Cousins. Bring each bottled fey to me to be set free in my Glade. Have to be turned into me though.

    You may do this solo, or you can team up with a friend. You could also be a team.

    Also, Lord Bahliir has promised to match my pot should we total fifty fey freed during this period. So if we see Fifty come in, then First place will receive 15,000 gold and runner up will receive 5,000 gold.

    Also I seek to travel to the Feywilds and need to find a portal key. Anyone who finds any objects of the fey I will buy off you.

    So again;
    10,000 gold for First place


    50 fey total; 35 left
    15,000 gold for First and 5,000 for second

    Zuzana of the Glade

    //Time Limit

    Zuzana - 2
    Valeria - 7
    Dax - 5
    Sarade - 1

  • //updated posters to allow partnering up

  • First of a few riddles to help you discover the prizes sought.

    Not all treasures are below an X.
    Some are lost along the way.
    Deep below in the rocks.
    Remember not to gasp for joy, upon finding them.
    A bad idea it will be.

  • Second riddle to aid in your quest.

    hiden away, well protected
    below our very noses they are.
    in place of wastes, and rats
    a payer you will find
    people of evil and greed
    known to sell them and stones corrupt
    slay them all, the boss has them away

  • The third riddle to aid you along your way.

    in the oldest part
    where cobble stone meets the water
    A man waits to ask for help
    to rid a place of their ilk
    though not infernals
    their name imply
    find several hidden away
    if you survive, may find one

  • The Fourth riddle to give a boost

    they dance and sing
    safe and sound they are
    so close to home, a simple jump
    water around them all
    three circles are hidden
    within they are found
    tucked away for safty
    the rest will fight
    to protect those that can not dance and sing

  • Here is the fifth riddle to bring you much.

    into the woods you go
    trees shifts around
    The path of yesterday
    is new today
    easy to go in circles
    but within a circle they are found
    spoting the circle is easy
    the search for the stash is hard

  • I am giving an additional week for this guys. Many adventurers are not around recently so I am allowing more people to join in for a chance.


  • (New posters updated placed up)

  • The last stretch