Marshal Outerbridge

  • Marshal,

    You will doubtless know of me, a loyal Cormyrean man who has fought the cause at your side, on the very streets our ancestors built in this fine land, streets being gradually taken by Sembians and their ilk.

    In these past months I have served Lord Foril Bhaliir of the Storm Dragon Battalion, my request in exchange for service was to see these streets returned to those who made it.

    Lord Bhaliir has, at my request, seen fit to make an elixir, one that will return you to your youth, as we see you Marshal Outerbridge, as our best hope for seeing the filthy Goblins and Sembians that now walk freely in our streets skewered upon our spears.

    We humbly request audience, that this elixir can be granted to you. So the work to reclaim our streets can begin.

    William Carver, Butcher, and loyal blade of the King