Jon and the Lich

  • People off Arabel,
    I know it is easy to forget things when you feel safe and secure of a danger. I wish to bring forth your attention about a threat we feel is contained.

    When we attacked the Lich for the divine spark, a traitor made sure we could not seal away the ancient Lich that was in the haunted halls. Jon the Druid of the land and my childhood friend from Rashamen, took it upon himself to temporarily seal the Lich and himself away inside a tree.

    The tree will not last for ever guys, and we owe it to Jon to set him free. Though if we set Jon free, the Lich will be free as well. I call upon all who wish to aid, help find ways to end the Lich for good and to also see Jon returned to us. He is a good soul and we owe it to him.

    I ask for aid in this matter. We need to search out the Phylactery to forever see the Lich gone.

    Zuzana of the Glade