[Battlelord Bryndis]


    I, Azaela, Herald of Adeodatus, Servant of ALL GOOD and of SARIEL, ANGEL OF CELESTIA, shall take up this most holy quest of reforging this blade, if you wish it. I will IMBUE IT WITH CELESTIAL POWER, and turn it into a weapon that only a RIGHTEOUS MAN who has ENSLAVED HIMSELF TO THE PURPOSE OF ALL GOOD can wield, a weapon that will be like that of the SWORDS OF THE ANGELS, whom when the FINAL TRUMP SOUNDS, will spill forth and PUT THE WICKED TO THE SWORD

  • I like your idea! You shall be granted the chance to carry the weapon to glory and reforge it as you see fit. All i ask is that when you undertake tasks to do so, i am invited along when i am able!



    Yes, of course you, a RIGHTEOUS WOMAN AND PRIEST, will be asked to assist in the tasks required to make this weapon. In fact, the more RIGHTEOUS MEN AND WOMEN, HOLY PRIESTS AND PALADINS that join us in these tasks and are present, and provide their HOLY BLESSINGS AND RIGHTEOUSNESS will allow for the forging of a MORE POWERFUL AND HOLY WEAPON. Also, by forging this weapon, it will show my worthiness to forge the HOLY TRUMPET

  • We shall meet and make the trade then!

    -Battlelord Bryndis