For to long have the GOOD and the RIGHTEOUS given in to the sin of SLOTH and sat in the halls of the spire. Meanwhile, the FORCES OF THE WICKED have actively gone forth, spreading their influences and corrupting the minds of the people of East Way. THUS SAYETH CELESTIA, take heart, SERVANTS OF GOOD, GO FORTH, and spread the WORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS TO ALL THE PEOPLE. Adeodatus and I call upon ALL RIGHTEOUS WARRIORS to pick up their belongings, move out of the spire, and TAKE UP RIGHTEOUS RESIDENCE in the East Way. By living there, we will show the people the ERROR OF THEIR WAYS IN TURNING TO THE WICKED BANITES, and lead them to RIGHTEOUSNESS THROUGH EXAMPLE, so that when the FINAL TRUMP is sounded, and the GATES OF CELESTIA SPILL FOR THEIR LEGIONS OF ANGELS, whom will PUT THE WICKED TO THE SWORD, the people of East Way will have been redeemed to RIGHTEOUSNESS and be TAKEN UP TO CELESTIA.

  • The church of Tempus supports such an initiative! The Church of the vile Clar Banda should be put to the sword and their shrines destroyed for not speaking p against the evil of one of their own as he butchered your countrymen and forced unspeakable acts upon the land! To stay silent is to support EVIL.

    How many good people must die and how many atrocities must be committed before those who claim to protect will say 'NO MORE' and abolish the evil that stains your great city!

    -Battlelord Bryndis