PC antics

  • //Making this thread, hoping DMs will pin it. Basically this will be like the Rumors thread, but instead things the Players do to have fun or do something.

  • In the night, two voices could be heard giggling in the spire. No one saw anything, but soon the stench of fish was in the lobby. Several fish was found hidden in and under several things. Some mutters about darn fey and their pranks.

    0_1524928929000_Fish prank.jpg

  • The fish pranker struck the Spire lobby once more. As the people looked around for the stench of fish on the air. They found several laid out to make a larger fish. Thankfully it was discovered before the fish went bad and could be used in food dishes.
    0_1525541225796_Fish prank 2.jpg

  • The fey fish prankster struck a third time. No one saw anything, but soon the smell of fish was in the Lobby of the Spire. Fish had been hidden everywhere. Flower pots. couches and the book case behind the arena. Some even spoiled causing the lobby to smell of rotting fish.
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  • Admin [DM]

    The reign of the fish monger is ended. Many in the inn cheer as a lone private calls her and makes her clean it up as her fine. One adventurer even chastises the mischievous fey for wasting good fish....