Zuzana's Alchemy Store

  • (Posters placed up around Arabel and Tilverton)

    Here is my list of all my recipes, the pricing for bought reagents is listed first. If there are items listed after the price, these items are needed to make it and can add on to the price depending on how much I spend on them. If you provide the items listed, then the price listed will be your discounted price.


    Honey Mead
    25 gold

    Gino’s Sipping Brandy x10
    25 gold

    Dwarven Ale x10
    25 gold

    Alchemist’s Reagents

    Alchemist’s Water
    80 gold, trout

    Alchemist’s Flame
    120 gold

    Alchemist’s Stone
    80 gold

    Alchemist’s Breath
    80 gold, bird feather

    60 gold

    70 gold, star iron

    Cracked Philosopher’s Stone
    500 gold, trout, bird feather

    650, trout, bird feather, star iron


    Wizard’s Mead
    225 gold, trout, Salmon

    Essence of the Eel
    225 gold, trout, eel

    Essence of the Oak
    225 gold, pike, ironwood acorn

    Essence of Stone
    225 gold, cat fish

    Enlightened Elixer
    225 gold, pink salmon, bird feather

    Alchemical Perfume
    225 gold, koi, bird feather

    Healer’s Kits

    Small Kit
    8 gold

    Meadium Kit
    24 gold, trout

    Large Kit
    35 gold, trout, serapis turbith flower

    Huge Kit
    50 gold, trout, serapis turbith flower, white stag meat


    Thunderstone x2
    250 gold

    Tanglefoot Bag
    30 gold, ettercap silk gland

    Choking Powder x3
    40 gold, stinky trout

    Acid Flask x2
    15 gold, ichor

    Alchemist’s Fire
    15 gold, fire beetle belly

    Fire Bomb
    240 gold, deathwatch beetle carapace

    Acid Bomb
    200 gold, 2 trout, verdicite

    Alchemist’s Aspergillum
    150 gold, fire beetle belly

    Alchemist’s Heavy Flail
    550 gold, trout, bird feather, fire beetle belly, ichor

    Rainbow Dust
    50 gold, rainbow trout

    Sleeping Dust
    50 gold

    Dust of Appearance
    80 gold, guard’s eye flower

    Flamboyant Occasio Shavings
    300 gold, verdicite


    Potion of Master Thievery
    30 gold, albino Crag Cat Pelt

    Gorgon’s Bane
    300 gold, malar panther claw

    Potion of Protection from Petrification
    700 gold

    Potion of Stoneskin
    600 gold, hook horror claw

    Jekyl Potion
    1000 gold, 2 trout, 2 bird feather, white goop

    Hyde’s Potion
    1500 gold, trout, bird feather, star iron, dragon’s blood ruby, white goop, githyanki egg(+750 gold)


    Afad Oil
    15 gold

    Deformity Juice
    15 gold, deformed cat fish

    Terinav Root
    15 gold

    Colossal Spider Venom
    20 gold, ssllothiliss venom gland, ettercap silk gland

    Greenblood Oil
    15 gold, pyrimo fish

    Ettrcap Venom
    25 gold, ettercap silk gland

    Blue Whinnis
    15 gold

    Chaos Mist
    15 gold, salad tongue


    Jellied Baby Slaad
    20 gold, 3 slaad tongues

    Phoenix Egg
    10000 gold, trout, bird feather, star iron, Pure White Stag Meat

    The Elixer of Life
    1500 gold, trout, bird feather, star iron, dragon’s blood

    Zuzana of the Glade

  • I will be attending the Trade Fair Today and offering some discounts if bought there.

    Zuzana of the Glade