Fishing lures

  • So seeing as how fishing works, I loose money sometimes on my crafts due to the randomness of how fish are caught. I bought 97 gold worth of worms. Caught 2 koi what I was needing, trashed the other fish. So 48 gold added to each of the Essences she crafts with them. Buy all that said and done, I barely make any prophet at what I sell them for. Upping the price causes less sales.

    I figure have fishing lures that increase the chance of a specific fish caught. Sell them for like 500 gold each. This way players can keep their goods at a reasonable price for players to buy.

  • Actually sounds like a decent idea being able to specify to the system what you are after exactly.

    Might also be cool if characters with animal empathy/lore could somehow deduce what kinds of fish might be caught in specific places, would have to think in that part a bit though.

  • @zool

    Something silmilar to tracking. A .command that next to a fishing spot gives an idea of what is there.

  • For me it'd be more about how exactly to present the information as I kind of dislike 100% accuracy.

  • @zool

    So for lures I figure it increases the chance to catch “x” fish by 20%. So you will still catch the other type of fish just have a better chance at the one you want.