Bird Feather in shops

  • So looking at all the reagents required to make the alchemical elements. The only one that is very hard to get are those blasted bird feathers for the alchemist’s breaths. The fish are in safe areas and you can catch them relatively easy. The rest can be bought right from the stores. Bird feathers on the other hand, I only see kenkus drop them and heard royal eagles drop them. I have only seen one spawn of each so far since my return. Kenkus may have been a dm drop. I tried to fight the eagles alone fully spelled and in grizzly form. I had to flee from them without a single one killed.

    So I ask can we buy bird feathers from the shop? If not, at least add the item bird feather to the chickens so we can slaughter them for feathers. As it is now. A simple item that should be found everywhere especially chicken coops are a rare item.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Scarcity is a way to balance alchemy.

  • Yes. With the rare reagents. Feathers do not make sense at all to be a rare find.
    Alchemist’s flame and Alchemist’s stones can be crafted from everything bought in the store.
    Alchemist’s water needs a trout, which is a very common and easy to get fish as well as safe to get.
    Alchemist’s’s breath needs a feather. Freaking hard to find and sometimes dangerous, I almost died trying to get one.

    All four of these are suppose to be common items to use as reagents. At this point the Breath is like me trying to get white goop. At that rarity. Also there are 10 items in alchemy that requires a bird feather to make. It is suppose to be an easy thing to find. Hell realistically she could go kill a chicken and get like 100 feathers off it. But in this game gets 0 feathers off of chickens and ravens.

    I understand balancing Alchemy, but the bird feather is not an item that should be a rare find. Out of the six essences, literally everyone can be made from store bought things with needing fish and an ironwood acorn. All of witch are easy and safe. Two requires a feather. But both of those have a rare fish tied to them already. Saying four of six to be very common and easy to craft and two with two rare items to them? That is not balanced one bit.

    Also adding the feathers to the store can be balanced still. The cost of the feather is added to the items, so still balances out.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I’ll see to adding them to birds.

  • Just wander the sewers and the haunted halls for them theres plenty.

  • Sewers from kenkus, stormhorns from birds.... uhm......

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    consistent place to get them is the dread pirate roberts quest @Zargen-of-Zandor , the seagulls there always drop them

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Feathers are plentiful in the server... you just have to know where to look

  • The point being, out of common recipes the bird feather currently can be death to a mage.

  • @zargen-of-zandor said in Bird Feather in shops:

    The point being, out of common recipes the bird feather currently can be death to a mage.

    Let me disagree on that. o.o

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Involve others in getting them.

  • @spiffymeister said in Bird Feather in shops:

    Involve others in getting them.

    "Hey I need a super rare extra large bird feather for this magical stuff I'm making. I've heard these big ass birds nest on one of the isles in the Wyvernwater. Someone take me out there to find some feathers. I'll make it worth your time."