The Sentinel in front of the Ilmater shrine.

  • A 24 hour vigil. The obsidian metal man layered in copper colored plates. Expressionless, a full, unmoving beard contrasted by a humble circlet. A strange holy symbol emblazoned upon the middle of his forehead. His empty gaze seems not to meet anyone, but eery awarness is sensed. He stands with infinite patience.

  • A proclimation is made, a sign hung neatly over the doorway leading in to the shrine of ilmater. painstakingly clean penmenship and perfectly centered wording states quite plain;

    "The Three Eyed God resides over this humble portal."

  • -A sleepless watcher keeps vigil. A stoic observer, he counts the people bringing food and skins to the Shrine of Ilmater.-

  • -As yet another day winds to a close, the silenced suit of obsidian alloys takes his place at the door. He watches them all enter to eat, sleep, pray, and survive. He counts them silently as they pass.-