Letter to Damion

  • A tired but determined Animus can be seen walking past a bulletin board when a familiar image catches his eyes.

    "What are we upset about today?" The Battlemage asks himself aloud as he looks at the flyer.

    @latoksinned said in End the Legion!:

    alt text
    The Legion Is Slavery! Slavery is Evil! The Legion Is Evil! End the Legion! End Slavery! Save Cormyr's Soul

    At some point Animus returns to his office and in deciding to indulge the Freedom Fighter, pens a letter


    You bring up an interesting point of view. But you do not address any specifics besides grandiose ideals. If the Penal Legion was to be disbanded per your desires, what would you recommend the city of Arabel do with those currently within the Legion?

    The prison cells cannot hold all of them. The Militia and the Purple Dragons cannot replace their man power when it comes to defense of the local area. Tilverton might not have survived if we did not have the man power to protect Arabel as the Militia and Crown Forces rallied around the village.

    You have brought up an idea but have not presented any way to make it a reality. So I ask then, what is your plan of action should you get your way?

    -Animus Heterodyne
    Minister of Magic, Arabel

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Last time I trusted the city to make a decision, they spread further tyranny and did what was absolutely worst for the village I called home. There is no goodness left, no boldness left. Arabel has abandoned Tyche and Good in favor of blind faith in order and discipline. It’s become a tyranny, it’s corrupting the values of our king and making us no better than the shadovar.

    The shadovar use slaves to win their wars... so do we

    The shadovar ignore moral values in order to spread their influence and grow stronger and now so do we.

    This isn’t a point of logic anymore it’s a point of straight morality. We have no moral high ground when we abandon the values that make Cormyr great. Arabel isn’t a Cormyrian city by value... it’s the same as any shadovar or thayan city. Slavery, tyranny, abandoning the King’s vision and creed? What are we anymore? You need to take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and decide if you are loyal to that purple or you are loyal to arabel because the two are not equal anymore...


  • Damion,

    Or at least I assume this was you, the tone and ideology matches what I have come to expect from you, yet you decided not to sign your letter.

    Where you see slavery, the city, and country, sees a way for an individual to atone for a crime committed. If it were truly as evil an institution as you claim what would you see replace it for those that have broken the law?

    Additionally where is the cruel government Arabel has been becoming? Where is the oppressive rule Arabel has been adopting? The cretin Elodie was defeated and a temporary Council put in place to oversee the city. The same Council that is making arrangements for the next election as I write this. Democracy has not died, yet you act and behave as if it has.

    You write that Arabel has abandoned Tyche, yet when the cretin Elodie attempted to remove the faith the city rallied. You write that Arabel has abandoned Good, yet when Tilverton was sieged by a villainous necromancer, Arabel answered the call.

    The Penal Legion was put in place so criminals could make up for the wrongs they had done. Those that wear the cloak are still people, they are not property, they are not cattle to be thrown away and used. To compare us to the Shadovar and Thay just goes to show your ignorance in what those that are slaves there go through.

    No morals have been abandoned. Cormyr was built on law and order. Actions have consequences. I know this chaffs with your idea of "Freedom", but Cormyr was not built on your idea of "Freedom". But because you, an outlier chaff at the laws of Cormyr and Arabel does not mean it is a Tyrannical government. Far from it. If not for these laws any of the recent or past threats would have destroy this Country, yet it is because of it's laws and order that it survives as a goodly nation.

    Do not let your disdain for some individuals cloud your judgement. Do not be upset with the parental figure because you have been disciplined in the past.

    Returning to the question at hand, what would you do regarding the over capacity of criminals and depleted manpower without the Penal Legion? Which by the way are both in abundance because the country is at war. A War that truly threatens are way of life.

    You speak of idealistic worlds and all these on going wrongs yet offer no solutions except to kill the "tyrants" and release all the prisoners. Those are not valid solutions.

    -Animus Heterodyne
    Both Battlemage, College of War Wizards
    And Minister of Magic, Arabel

  • Storyteller [DM]

    There is nothing to discuss so long as you use “manpower” as an excuse for slavery. Are they free to choose if they fight or not? Did they sign up to fight in your wars? Can they choose not to throw their life away without being executed? If the answer to any of those is no, then it is slavery, period. You are just trying to justify it. Slavery is evil and those who stand up for it are also evil. It doesn’t matter what use or benifit it has so long as you speak for slavery you don’t deserve to wear that purple, it’s an affront to our good king and the values of Cormyr. When you are ready to stand for the King’s justice and ready to serve good, then I do, in fact, have a solution to the problem of Arabel’s legal slaves. But until you are willing to change confess that, yes, the legion is a slave army... how can we move forward?

  • Damion,

    It is NOT slavery. Slavery is any system in which principles of property law are applied to people, allowing individuals to own, buy and sell other individuals, as a de jure form of property. A slave is unable to withdraw unilaterally from such an arrangement and works without remuneration.

    Those that wear the cloak are able to still enjoy the perks of Adventuring, Crafting, Exploration, WHILE they are paying back their debt to society. Yes, this means they must listen to those in authority. Part of that debt is a choice to either face execution for a Capital crime or prove themselves as a valued member of society. Lesser crimes find individuals working within the Penal system for days, weeks at max. Those within the Penal Legion are actually not sent to fight Cormyr's wars, but rather serve as protectors of their very homes during times of war. As the Penal Legion does currently in Downtown Arabel.

    I have ALWAYS stood for the King's Justice and served his and the country's goodly virtues. You have actually assaulted a Operative of the King without his permission and without due process. Do not speak to me as to what is an affront and what is not, as clearly you have no inkling of the concept. When you've spent your life studying them and exemplifying them, then you can speak to me as to what is an affront or not.

    I can see now what others have warned me about, you act without thinking and you go against everything this Country stands for without a plan to correct what you perceive as free and just individuals serving against their will, when in reality it is a Mercy from the King that criminals be given multiple opportunities, as even you yourself have.

    The conversation is over Damion, you care not for anything you write of, just your own desires and your own accomplishments. I bid you good day.

    -Animus Heterodyne
    Battlemage, College of War Wizards
    Minister of Magic, Arabel

  • Storyteller [DM]

    [A single word is given in reply in big bold letters. A finality]


  • The final letter is burned to ash via a minor cantrip as the battlemage shakes his head.