End the Legion!

  • Storyteller [DM]

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    The Legion Is Slavery! Slavery is Evil! The Legion Is Evil! End the Legion! End Slavery! Save Cormyr's Soul

  • The Tempan church declares its disgust in the penal legion. It is indeed slavery disguised as justice.

    -The church of Tempus, lord of War

  • Men in chains!
    Upon your cities, your walls and your banners: a stain!

    • Falwyn, Concerned Observer

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The legion is not a choice, it is forced servitude. The legion is not “working off your debt” it’s arrow fodder for those too cowardly to fight in the front line.

    The first step to ending slavery is admitting it is slavery!

    The second step is making the legion a choice. Many prefer death before chains!

  • Admin [DM]

    Allow me to educate you.

    1. The Penal Legion was instituted during the reign of Kraegus Thune as a means of handling Shadovar Saboteurs and traitors. A vast shortage of manpower was felt in Cormyr and those violent criminals were given an opportunity to regain their freedom if they served against the Shadovar, in lieu of execution. An opportunity to continue one's life,albeit sparsely, instead of the headsman's axed attracted many, and this allowed Cormyr to sign a peace agreement after the end of the Second Shade war that wasn't totally humiliating.

    2. The Penal Legion has undergone a reformation numerous times. Abuses of the system were noticed, altered, and altered again. The Penal Legion today under the Governance of Oversword Bhaliir is not what it was under Hardcastle.

    3. You're allowed to leave the Legion after a set period of time determined at trial, or if sentenced for life, you can opt for execution. Are you proposing we allow murderers, traitors, and the worst excesses of sentient life spill back onto our streets?

    Offer a solution you tawdry fucks or shut the hell up.

    • Lieutenant Tallstag

  • BE NOT AFRAID I, AZAELA, HERALD OF ADEODATUS, WHO IS THE MESSENGER OF SARIEL, BEARER OF THE KEYS TO THE GATES, have been sent to you with a MESSAGE. THUS SAYETH CELESTIA Woe unto the inhabitants of Arabel, for the only redemption for the wicked is being PUT TO THE SWORD by the RIGHTEOUS. DO NOT SIN ANY LONGER by suffering these ABOMINATIONS to walk your streets in CHAINS, it is no excuse to allow the EXISTENCE OF THE WICKED

    //Posted with Permission from original poster.

  • Admin [DM]

    How about you sign up and put on the Blue and Gold of the Militia to deal with criminals rather than setting them free? Worrying about the rights and treatments of criminals is like making sure that a snake has the right bite you. Those in the cloak are the worst of the worst.

    Lieutenant Sergei.

    "In defense of the City, In service to the People"


    The city needs YOU!!

    The Militia of Arabel is recruiting for all departments

    The Arcane Division is tasked with Magical Investigation, Enforcement, and Protection.

    The Special Investigations Division is tasked with Criminal Investigation such as Gangs, Smuggling, Law Enforcement, and Protection of the City

    It is your responsibility to ensure that your families are safe. Your loved ones are depending on you. There is only one way...


    No matter your size, no matter your skill - Join us today. We will shape you into the person you need to be to make sure that the citizens of Arabel remain safe in their homes._


    Do you respect the Weave and it's benefits?
    Do you care about fame and glory?
    Do you care about coin and riches?
    Do you care about faith and tradition?
    Do you want battle and glory?

    These things and more can be found if you Join the City Militia TODAY!

    Protect and bolster Arabel against Magical threats and dangers.
    Save YOUR city. WE need you.
    Become the glorious Militiamen - Stop murdering, thieving bandits.
    Save YOUR city. WE need you.
    Lead honorable men and women to dispatch lairs of Arabel's enemies.
    Save YOUR city. WE need you.
    Honor your faith, and your God. Follow your code while enforcing the laws.
    Save YOUR city. WE need you.
    Find your fight, win your fight, bring battle to the enemy and glory to yourself and the militia.
    Save YOUR city. WE need you.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    [These posters replace the End the Legion Posters]

    According to the decree by the council of Arabel:

    • No Penal Legionnaire has ever been forced into the cloak, they have all put it on willingly when given the choice between the legion or paying a fine/being executed

    • Serious Crimes are not finable offenses, regardless of what the lawbook states. Only nobles and high priests can pay a fine for serious crimes, the choices for commoners are legion or prison time.

    • Legionnaires are not given orders and must volunteer for martial duties. Every legionnaire serving in wartime or guard duty in downtown volunteered for service and was not forced.

    • Legionnaires only wear the cloak to ensure lawful action during their time in the cloak and serve the community. They are not ordered servants and are free to conduct their own business and travel as long as they do not break the law.

    • At no time has any militia member put a cloak on someone after being ordered to, they received to order to "cloak" someone and then gave the criminal the choice to wear the cloak or pay the fine.

    If any of these statements contradict with the real and truthful cases of legion service, I ask witnesses to contact me so an investigation into misuse of the legion can be initiated. If these statements are true 100% of the time, then the legion may not actually be slavery, but if they are not, well, then we still have a problem on our hands.

    Also of important note, it is now considered treason and a capital offense to call the legion slavery, according to today's decree by the council of Arabel.