Lord Bhaliir: Tonight’s Court

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Lord Bhaliir, chancellor of Arabel and representative of the King,

    A shadow spider was located today attacking the glade of freedom. Either the shadovar have moved to attack Tilverton or the Gondan machine meant to hold back the shadows is failing. I was able to defeat it but the threat of eggs remains a vital issue. I must take up the hunt so these shadow abberations cannot spread and willbe unable to be at tonight’s court.

    Please consider the following for the court proceedings:

    • My continued support for the King’s Noble vision and hopes it will be spread to Tilverton.
    • My pledge to stand against any Divine march until the charter can be revoked and a new decision regarding the town be made
    • Should Artificer Christoph declare a Divine march, I request forces of the crown to mediate the terms of the march and battle in a joint meeting with myself and the Artificer before any action occurs in order to best protect the King’s People and ensure a smooth transition upon completion.

    Thank you,
    Damion Latok,
    The Last Akasha

    ///OOC: I am unable to attend due to work, I’m sorry.

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