Posted below Damions proclamaion

  • The only thing Akashan about Damion Latok is how his loyalties seem to swift with the wind. See below a poster put up not long after the Mistral of Akadi abandoned Tilverton.

    @latoksinned said in Seeking Faith:

    For many years I have followed the ideals of righteousness, defending the weak, and upholding the values of freedom of both thought and action. I seek a faith that holds these values true as well. I ask any faith that will have me, that believes my actions will bring honor to their church and their god to contact me and teach me the ways of a new path. I believe actions speak louder than words, deeds mark the man not plans and people should stand against obvious evil and tyranny wherever they find it. If you have heard of me, if you know my deeds and you would have me join your faith, I can be found in Tilverton. My sword, my bow, my actions and my spirit await a god to serve.

    -Damion Latok

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