Letter to the Golden Guard

  • Storyteller [DM]

    @HellzYeah @Khamal //and whoever else is still active I missed.

    Golden Guard,

    You once made a contract to defend Tilverton with the official church of Akadi. With the potential for upcoming march, the shrine you once protected is now in danger once more. The Mistral has disappeared but the town and shrine still remain and are under threat. As the last surviving member of the Aspirants of Akasha, the knightly order chartered by the faith of Akadi, I am bound by honor and oath to defend the shrine from march until the town ceases to be a Bishopric of Akadi and the order is officially disbanded. I would ask, once again, if you would make a contract to defend the shrine in the town you defended many times in the past. I am open to negotiations in your favor. Name your price.

    Damion Latok,
    The Last Akasha

  • The Guard are all but gone.

    I know not if I shall even remain within Cormyr past this weeks end. You'll find little support from us, beyond the pair of us still in Arabel.

    Even then, I shall not hold them to any oaths or pacts. The contract is long since expired- I honored it out of duty to the people in my fight against Manzahar, but this is not my fight.


  • I'm still a Guard. But if Ibra says we're done, then I guess I am too.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    Thank you for your past support and for your defense of the town. Good luck to you both.