• Been a while so it may have changed, but I'm presuming they have not...

    Updated bloodstones to fit into the new balance scales. Remember bloodstones mist be very powerful and tempting to players to risk using. If they just cast bulls strength? Well, that doesn't really benefit a bad guy when wands and potions and buffing NPCs and PCs are so common.

    The stat bloodstones should cast Greater versions, the 2d4+2 kind. This will see a spike in temptation. Evil artifacts are powerful for a reason. Because it puts a target on your head.

    The ghostly visage stone should cast Ethereal Visage outright instead.

    So on.

    You could also do custom effects which would REALLY make them useful again.

  • +1. Heak, +1000. Right now it's very difficult to get supplies and hold on to them and bloodstones should be a tempting, cheaper, and more powerful alternative to the shops.

    They seem to have been reduced in number and frequency rather than increased with the new balancing.

    Evil isn't super powered. Not even Manzahar was super powered when he died since everyone had run to the very end of their supplies, some to the point we couldn't even leave the island, despite several people periodically running quests that should have at least made a dent in the poverty. This definitely needs addressed in the current balancing.

  • Having seen bloodstones literally be the swinging force in every major mass PvP in what, the last 5 years, i can't support making them more powerful. I would suggest making them much cheaper though.

  • My understanding that bloodstones with animal buffs on them are cl 10 not cl 3 making them alot harder to dispel in pvp, and last alot longer in pve. Barkskin is also cl 12 I think, something that can be bought by team establishment/good, being alot harder to dispel then cl 6, lasting twice as long, and giving 1 more ac. Bloodstones are very powerful as they are. Offering those that use them real advantages in pvp and pve.

  • I think barkskin was reduced to CL 6

  • Also, bloodstones, bleakstones, infernal stones, and spore/darkblight each have different categories of how they perform.

    Bloodstones are mainly buffs, barring the striped one that was recently nerfed.
    Bleakstones are your attack spells. If you have enough of one of them, you can easily slay foes based off that spell alone.
    Infernal stones...I haven't seen enough to recall what they do exactly. I think one of them casts Darkness, and there's another two.
    Spore/Darkblight are technically cheap to obtain, with massive ramp up...and potentially fatal drawbacks.

    If I recall correctly, the bloodstone versions of the buff spells are CL10 or maybe even CL17? The high CL means they're more duration-efficient than potions, and also are less likely to be dispelled.

    Also, remember that not every evil person has a crafting wizard or cleric backing them up, nor may they be able to use wands or scrolls. All of the contraband has no usage limitation.

  • The discussion of how to improve them is worthwhile but Savn is wrong, they do not provide enough of an edge to justify your kill on sight status for usage.

    That they last longer and are harder to dispell is true, but is completely negligable given the extreme ease of finding or buying potions and buffs. Making them cost almost nothing in the state they are in is fine but really uninteresting and tacky.

    CBs comment is a bit extreme but they definitely have been important to a lot of pvps, but with the exception of the introduction of striped bloodstones, the main issue is usually just that the conflict seeking evil guys are better pvpers that the low level paladins that think they can take the player straight up.

    However it is worth considering. I have never liked that bloodstones are so mechanically oriented. I'd kind of like to see some more unique concepts, be they buffs or roleplay value things. But again-if standard spells of the same thing and don't cause you to be an instant kill on sight exile, you'll not see them used much.