Declaration of the Custodian of Tilverton

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    [These posters are placed in various places but most importantly and prominently on the door to the Factory in downtown]

    People of the Land,

    With the Clergy of Akadi having vacated the region, all ties to the church have vanished, all but one. Before the Mistral left, she chartered the Holy Order of the Aspirants of Akasha, a Knighthood devoted to the elements and risen up in Akadi's name in accordance with the charter provided by the King of Cormyr. I am the last surviving member of the holy order of Akadi and the last tie to the Church of Akadi in this region, save the shrine itself. It is my duty to defend the shrine against all divine marches until such a time the crown decides the town will no longer remain a bishopric. As my membership of the Knighthood demands I defend the shrine and prepare for the potential divine marches to come, I cannot also lead the administration and stewardship of the Village. As the last and only tie to the Akadian church, I name Zuzana of the Glade of Freedom to be administrator and temporary custodian of Tilverton to keep in good faith and protect it and it's people until a Divine march takes the town or until the town can be properly handed over to the crown for decision. This is in the best interest of the people who live there and all questions, concerns and interests regarding the leadership and administration of the town should be directed to her. All concerned with the divine marches and the defense of the shrine, until the crown rightfully reclaims the town, should be directed to me. Those who question this declarations may be provided a copy of the Tilverton Charter and the official documentation of my membership of this order. They can also forward a letter for verification to the nearest temple of Akadi for further proof.

    For Tilverton, For Freedom, For Our Goodly and Honorable King!
    Damion Latok
    The Last Akasha

  • Written in purple dyes with large brush strokes.

    No fairy queen, no priests, and certainly no knights! Lord Mayor Latok will have our support!

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    In Light of this new Declaration by Tilverton,

    The Order of the Aster extends its Warmest Congratulations to Zuzana of the Unbottled Fey. Such a person must be able to lead Tilverton to Grow and Prosper. We note however, the importance of the Grove of Freedom, and what it means to Feykind, Goodness, and Nature. Therefore, as Keeper of the Grove, Zuzana is of paramount importance to the continued Well-Being of the Kingdom of Cormyr, and the elimination of the horror that is Bottled Fey.

    The Grove of Freedom and Zuzana are declared to be Sacrosanct and Protected by the Order of the Aster. We also encourage other Faiths to render the same protection, and in particular, call out to the Eldathians under Tempus, goodly faiths, and faiths of nature, to render the same protection.

    Davina Viktoria Ducann RothOrder of the Aster

  • The order is not the leadership of Tilverton. And it was headed by the Akadian clergy. Unless you are Akadian, you don’t have the authority to do this.

    I seriously recommend anyone from outside forces become uninvolved. This will only end badly if it continues. This is against King Law. Tilverton is a bishopric. Meaning clergy leads the town. And it can only be challenged by a Divine March. So unless the King is petitioned to change the charter, only a high priest can challenge the leadership authority.

    I don’t know how many times I have to remind this.


    [The note is edited! New words are written beneath.]

    How is this slander?

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    This woman makes false accusations against me daily and threatens to beat gnomish bards for writing fiction. Please excuse her mad ramblings.

    ///also can we all ask permission before we start posting on other people’s posters?

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