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  • You fashion yourself "Defender of Tilverton" but it was not Tessa of Mielikki, but Christoph of Gond and his Warforged that stood in defence of Tilverton from the ravages of Manzahars undead horde. It was not Tessa of Mielikki that fashioned the anchor that banished the darkness from Tilverton in the first place. And it certainly is not Tessa of Mielikki that has bled and sacrificed on behalf of the settlement.

    What Tessa of Mielikki has done however is violated Cormyrian law by defaming a high priest, and hero of the north by implying that he is somehow responcible for its woes. You have twenty four hours to turn yourself into the militia to face the kings justice or have further charges placed against you.

    Evander Dauntinghorn
    Arabel City Militia

  • Captain Dauntinghorn,
    The wolf of the woods does not care whether the mountain lion dines on sheep or deer. His actions are little different than if Manzahar had defended Arabel with an army of zombies. Neither would earn him the praise of the ways of the woods.

    You are paid to apprehend criminals, and if me speaking against a high priest of a mad god makes me one in the eyes of the law, then the populace of Arabel can rejoice in seeing the Militia getting some exercise.

    Tessa Rosethorn,
    Sword of Hullack

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