Black Rose Periodical

  • [this leaflet makes its way around, along with a few black-colored roses]

    Esteemed oldtowners.

    I write to you this evening to inform you that an accord has been struck between the Vultures, the Meat Market, and the remaining Clergy of the Dread Queen. I have made my position clear and as a result, those who profess faith in Her may walk the streets unmolested by the Vultures and the Market, and are extended the protection of the remaining Church. No sacrifice is necessary save for a profession of faith and an entreaty for mercy in Her name, should you be caught by these butchers.

    In performing this for you I have personally sacrificed some of my own power so that, true to Her guidance, entreating her may spare you or your loved ones from early seperation. Those of you who wish to speak about family members already gone may venture to the shrine at Easthaven to leave prayers at the Crypt and Shrine. Those of you who seek a true end to mortal suffering may seek me out directly as I have taken residence in Old town and may be easily found therein.

    May she spare our loves another day,

    Dread Inquisitor Renarde

  • [an addendum is added to a few of the leaflets on the back]

    For those of you afflicted with black blood, I can provide relief, succor, and for a limited few, a cure. This I can only do while still possessed of the divine power that remains to me, and it is limited.

    Inquire as to price.

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