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    Soldier of the Aster,

    I had asked for you to explain to me in writing your offer of aid to the village of Tilverton because as you had said, you cannot promise the order will come to the aid of the town only that I should take that chance by building a shrine of Lathander in the town. From my understanding this is the plan you gave me:

    • Build a shrine of Lathander before the Artificer can declare a Divine March
    • Hope the Order sees this and comes running back from a war with a much greater threat, the Shadovar, to protect it
    • You personaly stand on the shrine of Akadi and hope that your presense deters the Artificer and causes him to call off the march
    • Hope that if he doesn't call off the march, this will cause the church of Lathander to declare action against him

    If my understanding of this is false, please correct me, because you refused to elaborate further and instead called me an idiot when I offered my doubts. Below are my problems with this plan and if you can put my mind at ease regarding them I would be much more receptive to making a commitment:

    • Why would the Order of the Aster abandon a war with the Shadovar for a little Town of about 40 people (including adventurers) that was not in direct threat of destruction only future threat?
    • Would the Order of the Aster or the Church of Lathander really risk open war with the Church of Gond just over your life or saftey?
    • I know, for a fact, unless one of the above were true, your personal presence at the shrine of Akadi is not going to stop him from finishing his march once he starts. He would more than likely just sidestep you to eliminate the opposition forces or attack you to for being in the way. He has been known to beat down people specifically just for being a nusance.
    • How do you plan to enforce any of this unless you are a high ranking member of the Order or a High Priestess?

    Again, I am not spitting in your face, I am merely explaining my retorts to the plan. Now, if you were willing to be bold and take a gamble by risking your own neck to help defend against the march, then I would be willing to take the gamble of making a deal. Is that what you are offering? Finally, you seem hung up on the whole Akadi thing. Here is the rundown of why the Akadi shrine matters:

    • Tilverton is a Bishiopric of Akadi, chartered by the King
    • Akadi's clergy have abandoned the town without naming a steward
    • Unless a divine march is called by another faith to claim the town, the town will return to crown hands to decide it's new fate
    • Gond's clergy is debating declaring a Divine March to sieze the town
    • If Gond's clergy is successful the town will legally be open to attack by any High Priest who wants it as a Bishipric of Gond
    • The only way to ensure the town returns to non-religious hands is to ensure the shrine of Akadi is defended from divine march until the crown revokes the charter. Thus, in order to give the crown a chance to give the town a new government, be it a lord, or an elected mayor or whatever the king decides, I have vowed to defend the Shrine of Akadi until the charter expires

    Now that this is all laid out, you can understand why I was debating with you. Throwing a shrine of Lathander in the town does not prevent an attack on the shrine of Akadi unless the defenders of said shrine of Lathander also oppose divine marches from other faiths. The only way the town ceases to be a Bishopric is if the shrine of Akadi survives until the crown revokes the charter, thus my intense value being placed on a shrine not of my faith. I am in no way opposed to aiding in raising a shrine of Lathander in the town in hopes it helps the town in the future, but at this particular moment you haven't exactly convinced me it will help.

    I hope to hear from you soon and I hope you understand I'm not hostile towards you, just dubious on this plan,
    Damion Latok

  • Damion Latok,

    It is good that you understand and question. Blind obedience leads to a sort of tyranny that can only lead to suffering. Yet also you must have faith.

    The position of the Church of Lathander has been clear for the past 1500 years. We believe in personal liberty, we believe in a sound respect for the arts and culture. And last but not least, we believe in a healthy and growing relationship with nature.

    We are absolutely intolerant of evil, such as necromancy, and have a special hatred for the Sin of Inaction, that spirit of slothfulness to oppose evil, which allows such malignancy to grow and prosper

    As a new village, given new life and purpose, Tilverton is a vessel of Lathander's Bright Renewal. Therefore there is a certain desire to see it grow and prosper. As well, it cannot be misunderstood that while what the Gondars is doing is not illegal, it is not good because it will lead to further and continuous bloodshed and a state of war with the forces of nature.

    I do not mean to preach at you, and I apologize for doing so, but I wish for you to understand why I am doing this. To Illuminate the Truth, is holy.

    Nothing in the Charter prevents other faiths from intervening. Indeed, it is very specific that the Tilverton is unprotected from any sort of religious conflicts.

    You wish to make this a place of culture, and freedom-loving people, yet you also wish to return Tilverton to the Crown, who will almost certainly appoint a Lord of Cormyr over Tilverton, likely at the recommendation of Lord Bhalirr. You do realize Lord Bhalirr, based on what I know of him right now, is likely to appoint his good friend and ally and former retainer, Christoph Ampharen, as Lord of Tilverton? And what you fear will come about anyway?

    I have made a very good offer to you, and to Tilverton. A powerful, rich, and strong church, on very good relations with the Crown of Cormyr, with a large following of well armed priests and templars, ensuring and protecting the growth of culture and the arts and strong ties to nature, who believe in personal freedoms, helping to protect a town with such similar beliefs and a desire for safety.

    I do not wish to force your hand. I believe that Tilverton and yourself, should enter into this bargain willingly and with hope for a Brighter Tomorrow. I urge you however, to make haste with your decisions.

    Yes, The Aster cannot protect the Shrine of Akadi, as Akadi is not an ally of Lathander. But you cannot protect Tilverton either. We can, and we will likely appoint one of the locals who live in Tilverton as its Mayor. I believe that is either you or Zusanna?

    I know this is not what you want. And actually, it is not what I want either, when I first spoke to you. But as my understanding of the situation grew, so too did my solution adapt to the problem. I cannot deny that this favors my Church and Faith, but it is also a significant risk for a very small and insignificant village, which has little benefit to Lathander, except that we are following His teachings, doing Good, and opposing Evil.

    Davina Viktoria Ducann RothOrder of the Aster

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I approve of your ideas for improving Tilverton for freedom and expression. It has been my dream all along. Unfortunately I cannot promise the town to any faith as I am still bound by my oath to the Order of Akasha until such a time the charter changes hands or is revoked by the king. I will, however, personally help you build a shrine and preach in the town as I believe in good against evil and freedom over tyranny. You will, however, have to send all official requests to the acting Custodian of Tilverton, Zuzana of the Glade. She will be acting as official leader in all things not related to the divine march until the crown makes a decision.

    Damion Latok,
    The Last Akasha

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