Summons: Valeria Ashwood

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    Valeria Ashwood,
    May the Bright Dawn Warm You and Fill you with Hope.

    You have been made known to the Order, by the Faithful of the Morninglord. You are therefore requested to appear before the Order of the Aster, to give testimony on Tilverton. If you know of evil done, speak it. If wrongs have been committed, it will be heard. Yet also let the good be known, and hope rekindled where there was darkness. Bring witnesses or written testimony. If they are willing, the Villagers of Tilverton shall sit in judgement, and they shall decide the future of the village. If not, then sound judgement will be made, to determine what actions will be taken to safeguard the people of Tilverton

    Davina Viktoria Ducann RothOrder of the Aster

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    Dear Mrs Roth, and the Order of the Aster,

    From your letter, I can only assume you are brothers and sisters of the Morninglord, or at least allies in the battle against evil. Having grown up and been raised by the faithful of Lathander, nothing brings my heart more joy than others joining the battle and trying to fight back the darkness. I would inquire where your order is based from, and when you came to town? I am a little mad at myself and regretful that we have not crossed paths sooner and that I have not heard of your order sooner. I would love to know everything. Let’s meet sometime to talk and have a drink.
    That said, in what context are you asking about Tilverton? Because I know of many evils and injustices, but these things do not exist just inside Tilverton. Theses things exist in several places, old town for example. I am afraid I do not understand what exactly you are asking. Do you mean in regards to the attack on Tilverton? Or do you mean currently in the town?

    I look forward to your reply.

    The Dawn shall always rise,
    Valeria Ashwood
    Warrior of Lathander
    Retainer of House Dauntinghorn.

  • Valeria Ashwood,

    The Order of the Aster is maintained by the Church of Lathander as an Faith Militant, an army of Crusaders, Clerics, and Paladins at the service of the Church. Whereas no one shrine or temple of Lathander can afford to maintain a permanent force of dedicated templars, the Faith as a whole, provides for the The Aster, and churches and shrines in need of protection are provided such from this body.

    Where the Church does not assign The Aster to duties, members of the Order roam the realms as in errantry, performing valorous deeds and honorable tasks, to bring Hope, Truth, and Righteousness. Yet in times of great strife, the Order of the Aster can be recalled into a single body, becoming one of the greatest armies of Faerun, rivaling the powers of Kings and Princes.

    During the Second Cormyrian-Shadowvar War over ten years ago, the Order of the Aster marched to the aid of Cormyr, fighting alongside the Purple Dragons under the Steel Regent. It was during this war that my own father died, fighting against the darkness for what he believed in. For his actions, he was ennobled, and made a Knight of Cormyr.

    I ask specifically about Tilverton, the coming Divine March against it, and its current lack of leadership. Remedies must be found before needless bloodshed occurs.

    Davina Viktoria Ducann RothOrder of the Aster

  • @thune
    Dear Mrs Roth,
    Ah, no wonder why it sounded familiar. I remember the order being mentioned in childhood. I, personally, was trained in healing but was never able to handle magic well. Instead I focused on putting an end to undead and those that would raise it.

    As for Tilverton, I don't believe Christoph will be shedding blood. He established a Gondite temple inside of Tilverton at the start. I have had concerns. Christoph once threatened to declare a divine march on our faith simply because I was trying to diffuse a violent situation between him and a tiefling. Though the tiefling was the aggravator, I did not wish to see bloodshed. Sometime's he will use the law and bend to his will of what he wants, but even if he commits a wrong he tends to apologize after because of guilt. For example, he attacked me as I protected Zuzana who had attained a spark of Mystra. I had pledged to protect her as she was going to hand it to the war wizards to use for the war. However, Christoph wanted the spark and when I told him I would not stand aside.. he attacked me and threatened death. Fortunately, I was the better fighter and he did not succeed. He revealed later that he didn't trust Zuzana and intended to give it to the war wizards as well. From these two accounts, I think you can get a sense of how Christoph acts and why. He has good intentions, but they can oft be misguided or hold an undermining motive of hunger for power. He does things that both benefit his personal standing and his faith. It isn't evil, but it isn't good either.

    Christoph isn't an evil man, but he does have his own agenda and motives. He wants Tilverton because it just means more power and prestige for him. Honestly, his temple is the only thing keeping the Shadovar back from devouring Tilverton. Even if another church declared a divine march on him, he could- and might if he thinks he's losing- destroy the device that keeps the shadow plane back in Tilverton. It's a tricky situation. He's not the worst person to be in charge of Tilverton, he is a man of law. In my opinion, Damion is more dangerous to have as a leader in Tilverton. Damion is pure chaos and time and time again he's shown that he will take risks without caring about the consequences.
    Furthermore both Damion /and/ Christoph have encouraged me to take responsibility for Lord Bhaliir's death as an assassin when the four of us ventured into a vault and Bhaliir perished to elder fire elementals whilst the rest of us got out alive. To leave him there without proper burial simply because they don't like him and think he's evil. Neither men are good for leadership roles. But, if I had to choose, Christoph would be the better choice. Damion may claim to follow the king's law, but this is only a facade. He doesn't care about it and encourages free reign of everything. Freedom is important, of course, and I am sure he means well... but he has made some very bad decisions.

    Neither choice here is a good one. And I encourage you, do not take either side, sister.
    Out of curiosity, are you a priestess of the faith? I am uncertain if the order can actually declare a summon unless it is a priestess calling for it, even if I would answer it anyway. As for plans for Tilverton.. I do intend to have a Lathander altar built in Tilverton once my apothecary is built. As a new town, filled with new beginnings, our lord does look favorably on it. I am more concerned that all of this chaos will simply bring the king to declare progress come to a halt . Or that both Damion and Christoph will do stupid things and make that progress halt or worse, people will get killed in their testosterone filled war. - And make no mistake. Neither of these men want to do this from the bottom of their heart. Both of them have been trying to grab for power the moment Minstral Ophirae became inactive. They want the power and the ability to boss others around. Neither are not guilty of this. The best thing that could happen for Tilverton is if an order like the Aster or a neutral entity like a Lord take control of the town and see to the rest of it's construction.

    Let's meet up in person. I have a few things planned that I am sure you'll want to join in on.

    -Valeria Ashwood
    Warrior of Lathander
    Retainer of House Dauntinghorn

  • Valeria Ashwood,

    I do not doubt that Damion Latok is the wrong person to lead Tilverton. When I spoke with him he was much more concerned with his own goals, then with protecting the villagers there. Yet I also see his point. If the Gondars control Tilverton, there will be unremitting war with Nature, that will see much death and destruction. As Lathander calls upon us to respect and care for nature, since Lathander nourishes Mother Chauntea and Father Silvanus with His Holy Warmth, we must act in support of those who would promote nature's well being.

    While the Warforged do deserve a home, and deserve a sanctuary, speaking with one of them, he has already pledge to annihilate any who would object to his presence in Tilverton. A home built on blood is not a home, it is a crypt. Also, I heard that Christoph threathened to dig up Zuzana's grove and strip mine it, even though it is the only place where bottled pixes can be freed. And he prefers to be named Mayor without an election, threatening to march on Tilverton if he did not get his way. Such actions are tyrannical in nature, and already actions against the new tenants of the King of Cormyr.

    If no conclusion can be found from either, then a separate bargain must be struck, to safeguard the villagers and the surrounding nature. Perhaps House Dauntinghorn? Or even yourself. Or Zuzana? The Order of the Aster would definitely a possibility, but only if nothing else works.

    Davina Viktoria Ducann RothOrder of the Aster

  • @thune
    The charter written by the king himself. Damion and Zuzana have no legal right. I have on court minutes Damion claiming not to be Akadian.. yesterday. Sister, these two will be in serious legal fire and will likely reap punishment for it if it continues. Don’t show public support. It’s best to stay neutral here.

    I’ve already asked Evander about House Dauntinghorn taking it. And he publically states in court that our house’s holdings are in the North. Politically, we can’t do it. He’s the Lord Scion, not the head of his house. Only the successor. It’s not his call.

    We have two options. Appeal to the king to have the charter changed, or watch Christoph legally and lawfully declare a divine March. Unless you are a high priestess, all we can do is try to make sure the innocent does not get in harms way.

    I don’t agree with Christophe actions or words, and I don’t think he’s handling this in a good way. As I stated before, neither are good to lead. I agree with you that nature will be disrespected. I agree that it wouldn’t be good. But if we do not handle it in the right way instead of giving into the chaos then how are we any better?

  • Valeria Ashwood,

    To stand idly by and do nothing, is evil. So sayeth Lathander. Knowing what will happen, knowing that blood will be split, and innocents slain in bitter and bloody conflict, and refusing to do anything because there is a "right" way is not Lathander's way.

    We are the Bright Sun, the Guiding Light. We Show the Way. We Light the Path.

    Davina Viktoria Ducann RothOrder of the Aster

  • @thune

    I never said to not do anything, sister. Again, let’s talk more in person.

  • I have been doing some research into Lathanderites in the region. What I found was shocking. I have never been this stunned before.

    Davina Viktoria Ducann RothOrder of the Aster

  • @thune

    "The only thing I've heard is that some paladins of the morninglord slaughtered children in Old Town. However, this is heretical to our faith and thus I am sure these were either scions of cyric or they were posing as lathandarites. Perhaps even zealots who had lost their way."


  • The night faded for the handful of survivors of that horrid fight as the waters of the Wyvernwater rocked their one returning warship and lulled the direly wounded into their final sleep. The hour was cold, the vessel quiet, but the promise of a new day awaited on that distant rising sun… Once docked, however, and upon the docks of the city's citadel, these heroes were received with not the celebrations nor the first-aid of a city that understood their sacrifice, but by the steel of Arabel's militia, and a swift unceremonious end at the edge of a sword or a Penal Legion's cloak... What happened in this epilogue remains a mystery to this very day, my dearest reader - was the Militia corrupted by Banites, as they say? Was it revenge for the Brotherhood's assault on the Temple of Darmos or maybe something else? Something more sinister - a power play of powers above and unseen? The rumours are many and there are yet keepers of the lore that strive to find the answers._

    Wileon Bertson joined in an assault upon the undead forces of Clar Banda upon the Island of Vorenthia, but perished in the battle. The returning Paladins of Lathander, part of the Brethren of the Reborn Sun, were ambushed by the Militia on their return to Arabel. Battle weary and exhausted of both supplies and spirits, they were no match for the Militia, who had come under the control of Banites and Hardcastle's surrogates. The Militia would march on Evenignstar, putting the Castle of the Reborn Sun to the sack. Soon after, the Militia itself became split, with the Citadel Militia led by Citadel Warden Miri Greycastle and North Warden Gorstag. This unwieldy arrangement was short-lived however, as Warden Greycastle was murdered by the Chaos Brigade. Implicated in the murder, Lord Galloway and Warden Gorstag were hard put to defend themselves. While Lord Galloway managed to escape indictment, Gorstag was demoted to Sergeant, and the Militia was recombined under Citadel Warden Dorn Amblecrown. Lord Galloway's death removed the last of Lord Hardcastle's senior officers in the Militia, paving the way for his downfall.

    Upon their return to Arabel, they were ambushed by City Militia members belonging to the Banite cell operating within their ranks, and placed in Cormyr's Penal Legion. Those who resisted were slain. The Brethren were for all intents and purposes, no longer existant and functionally no more.