Davina's Dawning

  • My first day in Arabel and already things are on the move. Met with Captain Dauntinghorn of the Arabel Militia, and I informed him of my wish to hunt necromancers and the like. He informed me that he would not allow me to take down persons who did not have a bounty issued by the Crown. He also directed me to speak to Damion, who is apparently Captain of the Tilverton Militia.

    Spoke with Damion. He is an idiot.

    I think he means well, but he is terrible at leadership. I kept telling him I wanted to protect the villagers, he kept telling me wanted me to protect the Shrine of Akadi. We argued for a while over this. The matter is clear to me. I can't protect the Shrine of a faith not aligned with my own, not without good reason. The people who matter here are the villagers who reside in Tilverton, not the abandoned alter of a minor god.

    Spoke with the Barakor of the dwarves. Intelligent. Machine. But not unfeeling. He was conflicted in my opposition to a divine march. And I sympathized with his desire to have a home. But a HOME, should not come at the expense of others. A home should not be built on blood.

    More than one person warned me about Christophe Ampharen. A genius, yes. Unstable, yes. Volatile and prone to violence, yes. Such a man would be a great creator, not a great ruler. His achievements are great and far-reaching, but it does not give him the right to act like an oppressor. I have been told he rejected a vote by the villagers, and demanded that he be appointed mayor without one, because he feared he would lose. If he was not appointed, he would declare a Divine March. This troubles me to no small extent. Next, I am told that someone opposed him in his actions, and he threatened to dig up her grove and destroy it.

    The Barakor says he is not an evil man. I said he was indifferent. Now that I have time to think about it, is it better to say uncaring? Both are clear, they do not care about nature, and they do not fear the creatures of the woodland realm. They will destroy or kill any who dare challenge their rule in the village.

    They might not be evil in their minds, but I believe an evil dwells in their hearts and in their minds. Worse than indifference. Worse than being uncaring. The sort of evil that allows a child to be beaten, because he is not related to them, or that poisons the water and destroys the lives of those nearby, because they are "indifferent" to their suffering.

    Damion has some good ideas. He is correct, if the Gondars establish themselves in Tilverton, the Druid Circles and the Fey and the Woodland Folk will come out in force to drive them away. There will be terrible bloodshed. Innocents will be killed, and much damage will be done.

    I care not who rules Tilverton. But I care that its villagers are protected, safe, and secure. Not just from this stupid squabble over who gets to wear the mayor's hat, but from future conflicts that will come from this.

    If an intervention becomes necessary, then I will do what I can to limit the casualties on either side. If necessary, I will "conquer" Tilverton myself, just to keep it secure. I will likely immediately offer it to a local Lord or back to the Crown of Cormyr.

    Why are they even fighting over this small village anyway? It makes no sense.

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