The Crossroad of Nature and Man

  • Storyteller [DM]

    [[These posters are put up in the forest and along the roads for those of the wood to find]]

    Wildwalkers, Druids, Fey,

    Tilverton lies as the furthest reach of man from the city of Arabel. It is surrounded on all sides by forest and nature. It has the potential to be the meeting place of civilization and the forest. A place where rangers, druids and wanderers can rest on their journeys, resupply and meet with those from the city in peace. This will not be the case if it becomes ruled by the faith of Gond. It will instead become an invasion of the city into the wood, a place where metal clashes with nature. Protect the freedom of the wood. Protect the peace of the forest. Stand against the Divine March of Gond.

  • [A very small note it posted above it on one of the trees. Nailed with a wooden apple tree nail, of all things.]

    I am going to assume you posted this as there are no other rangers in Tilverton who talks like this. And because you’re the only one opposing him openly.

    Please, please, please do not make this into a goddamn war where people will get hurt. I literally just made arrangements to avoid that with manzahar’s attack. Please don’t make me make them again. This is nonsense and you know it. The only divine March that will happen will be Christoph walking into town, probably knocking over a rock, and going ‘okay guys I’m the bishopheric now’. Which is mostly for legality sake. I know you wanted to be mayor, but Christoph is within his right. There is no need for bloodshed. So please, take from Eldath’s teachings and make peace.

    This is rediculous.

  • Dear Lathanderite,
    The infringement on the wilderness by the mad Gondites has gone too far. What you savage humans living within the City of Arabel do and worship is your business. But it will stay within your walls, and it shall not spread further. The balance will be restored, and the more machines and celebrations of cold metal and unnatural creations You people make, the more the living will do to restore the balance. The village of Tilverton shall remain free from the pollution that the factories of Hardcastle and his Gondite followers, now led by its new high priest seek to spread.

    The city of Arabel must import fresh water and food to nourish itself already. The fish die in the streams, rivers and seas, due to misdeeds of the followers of Gond. The more you discard the sacred balance of nature, the more dire will the consequences be. If he wishes to spread his sick ways, then he will be met by those who seek to stop him.

    The Gondite warforged are tormented beings, who did not know what was done to them, they are not to blame. But the High Priest of Gond? He will be stopped from spreading his unnatural blasphemies.

    And I am not afraid to sign my name.

    Tessa Rosethorn of Mielikki,
    Sword of Hullack
    Defender of Tilverton

  • @o-louth
    Lathanderite here.
    I don’t live in Arabel. I live in Tilverton.
    I also know how to track. And walk through the forest.
    And have travelled most of my life.
    Mom was a Druid.
    That was a pretty condescending note. I especially don’t appreciate the whole ‘you people’ thing. But you don’t know me and I don’t know you so that’s fine I guess.
    The point I’m trying to make is to descalate and try to find a solution without bloodshed. Didn’t say I want the gondite to lead. I don’t think Christoph or Damion are the best choices.
    At this point I rather zuzana lead. But that can’t happen unless a new charter is written. Otherwise the land goes to a lord and is seized by the king.
    Warrior of Lathander
    Concerned Citizen of Tilverton
    Retainer and stuff
    (Ps didn’t sign my name cause Damion knows me)
    (Pss Visit Kirinwood sometime. The apples are wonderful and the mushroom gravy is to die for.)