Letter to Artificer Christoph

  • Storyteller [DM]

    [[This letter appears to have been purposfully sent to the Gondan factory in downtown Arabel, rather than to Tilverton, it also appears to have been left unsealed so anyone at the factory could snoop]]


    The faith of Gond has done much for this region and your actions are to be commended; however, your recent actions vex me some. The true power of Gond is in the factory and the war-forged there. The factory proves as a divine testiment of ingeniuity and creation of civilization and order. If you were to lead it with your commanding power and presecence, it would rise to be the dominant faith in Arabel with little anyone could do to rival it. Instead, you spread your power base thin and seek to expend your resources on a tiny hamlet in the middle of the forest with maybe thirty farmers to it's name. Why focus on a tiny forest village and abandon your followers in the factory? Why focus on a town that will do nothing for the faith? I know you have personally done much for Tilverton and for that myself and the rest of the village is in your debt, however, consoladating your power in Tilverton instead of in the city harms not only Tilverton but your faith as well. The factory workers, war forged, and everything needed to make Gond the primary faith in Arabel, is in Arabel. Putting your faith and power in Tilverton, a village in the middle of the woods, invites attacks by druids, Malarites and those who oppose the spread of civilization. Consoladate your power in Arabel and become the most powerful High Priest in the region, or spread yourself thin and risk losing the resources you devote to Tilverton. Tilverton has the chance to become a crossroads for civilization and nature, a place for those of the city to meet peacefully with those from the wild but if you seek to create a Bishopric here I can promise you it will be seen by the forest and the woods-folk as an invasion that must be repelled and you will waste vital resources defending against these attacks when you could instead use them to empower your faith in the city. You can still complete the ele-metal project in the city with MUCH more success with the funds going directly to your church. You can improve the livilyhoods of the citizens of the city and the war-forged if you created more jobs and ideas for them to create, but you will be stalled time and time again by agressors if you move your focus to Tilverton.

    I leave this choice to you, but know I have your faith's best interest in mind,
    Damion Latok