Damion Latok, c/o Tilverton

  • Freedom Fighter.

    As I did not have the opportunity to meet you either before the battle or during it, I would like to find you now as that is still my desire. If you would be so kind as to vouchsafe safe conduct in Tilverton, I would rectify the oversight with a visit.

    Dread Inquisitor Renarde

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Dread Inquisitor,

    I have heard disturbing tales of you taking part in trickery and deception in order to aid in the murder of Lord Winter of Eveningstar. Also, my people having watched the horrors of undead march on their farms is still fresh in their minds. In the spirit of free expression I will entertain a meeting but it would be best if it did not occur on Tilverton soil. Perhaps neutral ground? The inn in Eastway perhaps?

    -Damion Latok

  • I will meet you this evening in the Inn after the sun has set.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    //OOC I probably won't be back IG until about 12 hours or later from this post. I'm at work all night and I'll probably sleep as soon as I get home

  • // just whenever we are both online is fine.