Letter: Lord Oversword Bhaliir

  • My Lord,

    You will not recognize the name of this letter, yet hope can sprout like flowers on a mountain wall, even if logic dictates it has nothing to cling to. With war being taxing on the man power of the Purple Dragons, the wilderness of the Kingdom is left largely undefended. And if Arabel is to have a future, it will need the wilds to nourish its many mouths.

    As you are the shepherd of the populace, I see myself as the shepherd of the wilds, the forests, and the life that exists outside your well defend walls. They are mine to protect, as your people, your cities and villages are yours.

    The lands outside the civilized villages need a marshal, a Game Warden, a huntsman if you will, with the understanding and skillset needed to maintain the balance between the lands and the people living of them. And someone to act as the mediator between yourself, and the druids and wild walkers of the lands.

    It is to take on such a role, that I pen this missive. I have looked for you in person, but I am certain the Chancellor of the North is a busy man, and rarely takes time to speak with a humble commoner like myself.

    Theresa Rosethorn
    Sword of the Hullack Forest