From the Tempan church: WE SPIT ON THE FAITH OF CLAR BANDA!

  • The overlord of Arabel is a more forgiving man than i or the faithful of Tempus!

    The Tempan faith spits upon all worshippers of Clar Banda who did not speak out against the evil that the corpse humper Manzahar committed in the name of the Bandan faith! We encourage all good people to do the same for the greatest evil is when good people do nothing!

    The Bandan faith silently condoned all the evil and war that Manzahar did by not objecting or standing up to him.

    Thus we declare the Bandan faith as a whole to be SPINELESS COWARDS worthy of nothing but seeing their holy sites ground into dust. You are enemies of all good people in Arabel and should be treated as such!

    -The church of Tempus, lord of war!

  • The faithfull of Lady Mystra, our Mother of Magic surport the sons and daughters of war in a taking a strong stance against the Clar Banda filth and it's addiction to murder, treason and animation.

    In fact we have detected two shrines in striking distance that should be purged for there abuse of the Twlight by creating undead.

    Who will join us in there clensing from the realms for there sins against the people?

    Sarade Stamarster, Priestess of Mystra