Framtalious Mayus Karador

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I am interested in playing a part in your play, if you are still casting for the part of the Lathanderite, or if you need a musician. I have a little experience with the traveler's lute from when I did some work for a merchant in Daerlun and wouldn't mind plucking a bit for old times' sake now that I'm not particularly busy.

    I've also got a story or two you might be interested in, considering you seem interested in the fancies told by some of your muses. Some of the posters made their way out beyond Eveningstar and I find them particularly amusing. Not as amusing as the actual lies, but good.

    Dread Inquisitor M-R. Renarde

  • Dread Inquisitor Renarde

    I am open to alternate stories if truth be told, as I'm not convinced the people of Tilverton will be able to understand the complex nature of the titular hero of the play in question. It is a very nuanced character. To that end, I would love to hear your own stories and ponder with you about whether they are able to be adapted to stage. I am also very happy to see SOMEONE here has inclination towards the art.

    ~ Framtalious Mayus Karador

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I am enjoying receiving a letter that isn't indunated with bile, madness, or oversatiated with gloating. The callouses are on different places now but I can still work a little magic with the strings.

    We shall meet in person when time permits. If it does not, I will send another letter. Do keep writing, your leaflet is entertaining fare.


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