Community Portrait Project

  • Hey everyone, Echo asked for some help to make a portrait pack to use for NPC's

    I offered to handle the creation aspect of it (cropping stuff, photoshop touch-ups, and actually converting it into nwn format)

    But I'd love some help finding pictures and shit.

    Also the picture needs to be taller than it is wide (or at-least the person featured in the picture needs to be) I'll handle cropping the relevant section and resizing it to nwn's specifications.

    If you can submit pictures in this thread, just be sure to post the gender/race or monster name under each picture, that'd be great.

    Like so

    alt text
    Human, Female

    Oh yeah, and no anime/cartoon style drawings please (it's okay if it's based on an anime or cartoon as long as it's not drawn in anime/cartoony style)

    Feel free to submit multiple pictures for the same monster/race, we'll need selection.

  • Storyteller [DM]
    human, werewolf, male