Abscaded Cannivasery

  • Upon a half rotting tree stump, not far from Eldath's Pool sits a curious fellow. Violet skin, and rich Lavender hair from which two twisting horns of bone rest. His deep crimson eyes accenuate his unusual colouration, which further provides contrast to his rather mundane earthen colored furs and linens. As you near, he grins wide baring fangs and flicks a pinkish tail that thumps lightly against the stump.

    The young man of dubious ancestry whispers to you, in meadow somewhere where some of the older oaks grow out in twisting, gnarling fashion. He tells you of a much older man, of striking similarity to himself, and of this elder's own tale. With sweeping gestures by deft hands, he weaves an image from spoken words. He details the grandfatherly old man of mirrored qualities spinning a story of passion, beauty, and wit. With gayety small winged men duel one another over lovers quarrels, plump foxes outwitting hunters whom return to their home to find the chicken coop ransacked, and knights that uphold sacred oaths that their ancestors made to a warped old iron wood some generations ago. The boy bares a grin, and you imagine the face of his elder echo also smiling. What a strange encounter, and what strange friends he has lingering about.

    "We serve beauty and wit mostly." He tells you, "With each triumph of deception, lover stolen, and tressym fooled, we usher closer the Moot, whence to our planar bindings shall return the Reunforgotten, and with him, an era of joyous regalement and game. "For now, a simple Cannivasery, one unsordid but valorous in imagination and wonder." His smile reaching an erratic critical limit, the lads eyes erupt in strange hellfire. "It's lies we tell here, but lies for beauty, lies for prosperity and posterity, and lies for a more fascinating world, where the minstrel rules as King and the nobles shoe his horse. Our lies are our lives, the deceptions we shed when we sit in the Abscaded Cannivasery, where new lies give us identity, and purpose."

    Concept: Freaks, Misfits, Tricksters, Poets, Singers and Troublemakers will find a home here. They serve one another and the yet unmet Prince of Twilight, a figure that whispers whimsey and rumor to his flock, with the ultimate goal of forging a new land without the structured society of men, dwarves or even elves. They believe the rebirth of the Reunforgotten King will signal this era, where to be strange is to be normal.

    Members: Again, outcasts and misfits and lovers of beauty and those that cause trouble. Those that are rigid in morality would not find themselves welcome, however they could prove an exception if especially interesting (heroic irony, rare nobility, exceptional talent).

    Races: Any, however weird is better.

    Alignments: Heavily leaning toward CN. Perfect fit for CG/CE. Easily fitting NG/N/NE. Tolerating some LG/LE. Unlikely to appreciate LN.

    Favored Faiths: Chauntea, Morvys, Silvanus, Lurue, Deneir, Oghma, Gond, Mask, Tyche, Shaundakul, Finder Wyvernspur, Clar Banda, Brandobaris, however anything can fit pretty easily. Bane is despised for his oppression of challenge and intolerance of individuality. Tyr is disliked for his devotion to words over meaning; fact over intent. Torm is well liked for his passion, but disliked for rigidity.

    (Done on phone, editing to come. Do not PM me for details, just contact Falwyn in game. Goals are loose but very open ended and anything works.)

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