Note to Samantha the Betrayer & Alesszhara

  • Witches,

    I see you learned nothing from your past mistakes but quickly returned back on this path of blood-lust to cause trouble in my home. Here I thought you'd have even a shred of sanity left to realize I did not grant you this second chance to become contributing members of Arabels society, only to have you stab me on the back the moment later.

    I am the protectorate of Old Town. Mess with my home, and suffer the same fate as Manzahar.

    You have been warned.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • [An envelope arrives, made of what is clearly raw human flesh. Inside, a letter, a deep blood red color to the ink]

    Oversword Lord Foril Bhaliir,

    We gave you a chance to have us in your society and you refused it. If you want to, you can try to protect old town, but a smart man would consider, that we did in the space of weeks what the War Wizards, and others have failed to do in years. You may think it was the act of a 'simple greedy traitor' - it was not. He was the competition, and he's dead now. Afterwards, we road back to land on your boat, right in front of your very fingertips, and just walked away. For a House with a reputation for their elaborate scheming, you've either lost a step or you're just severely out classed. And while the gangs may submit to you at the moment, We've unlimited gruesome creations to send out and collect them for their meat. The fear they will feel from us will outweigh anything you can offer them. In short - come and try to bend our knee and we'll put you on the fucking menu.

    -Blood Witch Alesszhara
    -Samantha the Betrayer

  • You give yourself far too much credit and stumble in your own arrogance and stupidity just as Manzahar. How is it my enemies fail to understand? First it was the Beholder HIve, then the Worm Cult, then the Chaos Brigade, then the Chosen of Malar and his pack, and then Manzahar and his horde. Every, single, one of these PISSANTS learned what the name of my family stands for. By ending in the dirt. Yet still, idiots like you continue to stumble around, thinking it's wise to throw insults at the house that has so far wiped the floor with every damned fool that challenged our supremacy.

    You are worms, you are nothing but Manzahars leftovers to me. I will not bother wasting my time with you, as this city is now full of heroes that will eagerly do the work for me. You will soon join the dirt with your puppet master Manzahar- but unlike him, you won't leave a legacy behind. Pathetic.

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