Falwyn @ Tessa, Yurin, Latok, Ashwood

  • The script is unusual for Falwyn. It is written in simple blocky print letters with no flare, and a redtrained vocabulary. The print resembles an older style of writing, one found in monastaried with condensed lettering. The letter is written on leathery parchment.

    The Corporeal Flame, a druidic circle of unpassioned, fanatical and entirely unpoetic druids of the distant east hath come to this place where Hullack Elf-Friend still lingers, and the ancient Purple Dragon once ruled. The wood was set alight, animals writhed and burnt saved only by a stone spear I plunged through their hearts in great numbers. A friend-bear, Redoak ate well upon charred meat, but still this is a problem.

    I invite you all to sit with me by Eldath's Pool and talk at the Abscaded Cannivasery about this problem, and others still. I worry of new words that reach me of one, or many, claiming to be the forest guardians, by inviting conflict and trauma of Malar's chosen hunters and advocates (and victims) of man's genius.

    • Falwyn, Forontal of the Abscaded Cannivasery

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I will meet you, I worry for the state of the forest as well. Especially the Hullack and the Tilverwood. Perhaps it is time guardians returned to the forest to protect what is natural.


  • Help me rid the Wailing Fog of some pesky hag sisters that cursed me, and you have a deal.

    Yurin the Fat

  • Falwyn,
    I shall be delighted to sit and discuss these matters in the reflection of the Pool of Peace. It is I, who have taken upon myself the mantle of custodianship of the Hullack Forest. Perhaps we differ in our views, but I see these "genius" of man, to be very much a threat to the stability of the forests. Hence why I have called upon a meeting between the caretakers of the forests.

    I shall seek to find you when time allows.


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