The Royal Court in Suzail

  • To the Honorable Servants of our grand king,

    The Mistral of Akadi has gone missing, the village of Tilverton is in flux and its very stats as a Bishopric invites war and holy crusade endangering your people and encouraging havoc, death and destruction among your subjects. I am but a humble adventurer within your realm but allow me to weave you a tale. I can swear to its authenticity but others with interests and gains may call me a liar.

    It begins with a traitor to the crown who promoted ideals of tyranny and corruption. She exploited the king's grand design of freedom and empowerment of his people to corrupt his vision and take advantage of his benevolence. It continues with a spark of hope, stolen, by this tyrant and the chances of using it to protect Cormyr spirited away.

    This tyrant was trapped within a glade of freedom, created by the adventurers who call Tylverton home. The spark, stolen from the king's righteous war wizards and soldiers, taken back from the traitor. The actions in the glade not only lead to the retrieval of the spark, but the destruction of an evil fey entity that claimed the King's lands of the Hullack for it's own and had invaded Tilverton itself.

    The residents of Tilverton then used the spark, retrieved from the now dead leader of these invaders, to revive the high Priestess Rethil, entrapped in that vile tree for years, thus solidifying and strengthening Cormyr's relationship with Evereska.

    Tilverton's brave residents then went on to lead the defense against Mazahar and his vile undead army. His failed attempt to level the village lead to the crowns forces being able to charge his isle and destroy the fortress of another traitor to the crown, Vorenthia.

    A servant of yours will claim sole responsibility for these victories of the crown but it was not he or even just his armies that were responsible. Their plans, for all they were worth, lead to nothing. It was the bold and unorthodox methods of the free adventurers of Tilverton who won the day.

    • Adventurers like Zuzanna the fey-blood who used her magic to free trapped bottled fey and ressurect the High Priestess Rethil
    • Adventurers like myself, Damion Latok, who started the glade now owned by Zuzanna and stood against the traitor Elodie when few else would
    • Adventurers like Sarade who used Manzahar's own weapon against him to weaken his hold on his army
    • Adventurers like Val Ashwood who upholds goodly values of Lathander and bravely charged against Manzahar's armies.
    • Adventurers like Bryndis, whose expert tactics and unorthodox battle methods caused Manzahar's own to betray him and throw open the gates to the king's forces
    • Adventurers such as Christoph Ampharan, whose works of Gond and ingenuity overcomes insurmountable odds!

    I do not claim these victories as my own, but instead as victories of the free adventurers of your kingdom and victories of free thought and creativity of those who live free, goodly lives. Tilverton has become a haven for creativity, free thought and free actions that do credit and good to the Kingdom of Cormyr. In keeping with our great king's desire to empower the common adventurer and spur them on to greatness, I implore you to consider letting Tilverton become a town that upholds these values. Let it become a free town that offers its banner to Cormyrs but lives to foster free adventuring and free actions. I promise you will not be disappointed as you were likely with the way Arabel's elections went.

    I promise, give us this chance and we will foster free adventurers into Heroes of the North and Cormyr! Give us this chance and we will lead our free forces against our mutual enemies of evil and tyranny such as the shadovar, the zhents and the monsterous, undead and fiendish threats of the North! Give us this chance and we will make noble knights of self-serving adventurers! Give us this chance and we will make you proud!

    In the spirit of the free adventurers of Tilverton and the North,
    Damion Latok

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