Framtalious Mayus Karador

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Great Playwright,

    I would like you to come and perform your works in Tilverton. I will devote 2000 coin to your first performance in order to hire actors and prepare costumes with more promised for future plays if you continue to perform your great works! Come join us in the town of Freedom and Free Expression! Especially if you commission works that promote freedom, righteousness and the battle against Tyranny.

    -Damion Latok

  • Mr. Latok,

    It warms my heart to see that Arabel and it's surrounds are not yet completely bereft of enterprising individuals who can recognise the positive power of a good play. I will be happy to meet with you at this Tilverton and speak with you as to this generous patronage.

    ~ Framtalious Mayus Karador

  • Storyteller [DM]


    Mr Framtalious Mayus Karador,

    My first commission request. I would like to see a poem posted through the region about the importance of freedom for the adventurers and people and speaking out against cruel tyrannical rulers. I will leave the creative muse up to you but I will pay you 500 gold coins for it. Try not to openly slander any High Priests or Lords with it, though I know a poem against tyranny makes that tempting, but I don't see a problem with lampooning a fictional character.

    -Damion Latok

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