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  • Dear Citizens of Eveningstar,

    I bring you even better news than the last. Today the forces of Tilverton and Arabel seiged the Undead island and slew those that previously attacked us. The wizard, Manzahar, is dead. And so are most of his followers. This includes those that kidnapped Lord Winter and attempted to harm the sanctity of this home. Furthermore, the undead island has been sunk, A faithful of Lathander- Evander Dauntinghorn- slew the dreaded demi-lich that kept the island afloat. With the end of this day, tomorrow we will look towards a brighter, newer dawn that will bring safety and comfort to those of this town. Not only has Clar Banda's influence been significantly devastated with the loss of her holy church on the undead island, but most of her followers fell with it as traitors to the King.

    With most of her faithful gone with the undead isle, I think we should be able to rest a little easier tonight.

    The Dawn will always rise,
    Valeria Ashwood
    Warrior of Lathander
    Retainer of House Dauntinghorn

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