Find Your Freedom In Tilverton

  • Storyteller [DM]

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    • Tilverton is a blank slate where anyone is free to express themselves and live their life without bond or master.

    • Tilverton is a place where wild meets the comforts of the town. Where farmer and hunter, druid and cleric may meet and debate freely.

    • In Tilverton forms a noble order of Freedom and Righteousness where any boy or girl, man or woman of any race can rise up to become one of Knightly virtue regardless of walk of life

    • In Tilverton every citizen has a voice to shape the future of the town, has the power to change and to build. Every person with citizenship has a say.

    Come express your freedom! Come become part of a community of cooperation and peace! Come to Tilverton!

    ((Note: The roads can often be dangerous, if you are unskilled in combat please request an escort to the village by a current citizen))