Letter: Samantha the Betrayer. Alesszhara the Bloodwitch

  • We both made a pact and a mutual enemy was destroyed. With your recent posters, it is obvious there can be no further alliances between us and i wanted to let you know that next time we meet, it most likely not even be on neutral terms.

    -Battlelord Bryndis

  • [A letter arrives in an envelope to the battlelord. The envelope appears to be made out of tanned, humanoid flesh. On the letter, blood red letters stain the paper. It is likely they were written in blood]


    My darling, if you had acted in such a hasteful manner when I delivered to you a beautifully orchestrated plan to defeat your opponent, such things would never have come to pass. So let us play a little game, shall we? You've another opponent in your face. The Banite temple in old town. Much like Manzahar tried to bend our knees, the banites will do the same. We're simply trying to run a small, discrete business in peace, so here is what is going to happen. Our undead shall continue to do what they always do - take people off the streets to supply our deliciously gourmet cooking. We are going to offer that supply of meat to the last remaining Dread Inquisitor of Clar Banda, who if she is wise, will not only use the fear of being taken by one of our creations to spread her faith, but will feed the poor with said meat and fulfill the promise of Clar Banda to return the dead to their loved ones, quite literally. Will Old Town turn into a bastion of the Clar Banda faith, as their bellies are gorged full on such delightful cooking, and fear of being dragged away and eaten keeps them awake at night? Will the banites be successful in trying to bend our knee, or will faith in them crumble as order in old town is stripped away in the name of Clar Banda? Or will you lead strong warriors against our undead and against the tyranny of the Banites, and turn the people to tempus by bringing deliverence? I don't have a clue, but the possibilities bring much joy to my heart, and will keep my mind pleasantly entertained as I cook up a nice Gnome Stew this evening.

    -Generously yours,

    Alesszhara, the bloodwitch.
    Samantha, the betrayer.