[An Envelope arrives for Dread Inquisitor Renarde]

  • [A letter arrives in an envelope, made of materials that appear to be tanned humanoid flesh. The ink is a dark red, perhaps blood?]

    Dread Inquisitor,

    Darling, event's have occurred, some much to your dismay. I humbly request an audience to discuss matters.

    -Blood Witch Alesszhara

  • Storyteller [DM]

    We shall speak. I understand why you might have wished to overthrow the Count, and bearing that in mind, I have a proposition for you that you might enjoy.

    I have someone I need to butcher in such a way that it will produce a huge amount of terror and respect and I imagine you have a good idea of how to do that, better than a soldier.

    Dread Inquisitor Renarde

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