Lord Bhaliir

  • Storyteller [DM]

    On behalf of the Church of Clar Banda, Greetings.

    As I am the last remaining clergy member of note in the area it falls to me to represent the faith in it's entirety, however temporarily. As most if not all of our higher clergy were slain in the recent battle, it is apparent that no other line of representation now exists.

    I am therefore obligated to inquire after amnesty for the church as a whole. While Count Manzahar involved himself in occasional secular warfare and our conflict with the churches of Akadi and Lathander has now spilled over by result into Cormyran secular issue, not all of the clergy or faithful of the Dread Queen can be directly affiliated with the Count himself, and not all can bear blame for his mechanations. He was opposed at court by several other parties.

    If you will allow for an assurance as to the Faith's continued standing, I will come to you and answer your questions to the best of my knowledge and in return I will under my own current authority strike terms with you for an assurance of peaceful continuation for the worship of my Queen, and the continuation of her faithful.

    It is also possible that we can talk about your condition in a civilized fashion. I may be able to offer more permenant relief for you, provided our clergy and faith are allowed continued recognition.

    Dread Inquisitor Renarde

  • Storyteller [DM]

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  • Dread Inquisitor,

    I will not hold the Church of Clar Banda responsible for the actions of its crazed followers. Why would you even think that? In Cormyr, every man and woman is free to pray to whatever god or goddess they desire. The Agents of Cormyr will not hunt down your faithful, unless they intend to follow the path set by men like Manzahar or his goons- among whom you belonged.

    Obviously, the vendetta of my house was not with the faith of Clar Banda, nor has it ever been. It was with Manzahar, the madman who stole my house mage and SCARRED ME FOR LIFE. The fact you spinelessly sided with my enemy only to come crawling after his crushing defeat and the end of Vorenthias domain- speaks volumes of your desperation alone.

    Now I realize I am known for being a forgiving man, having already granted amnesty to the two traitorous scumbags that stabbed your precious masters back and opened the gates of your fort- ensuring us a swift and utter victory. But I am not known for being a fool. I will hear you plead the case of your own amnesty before my court. You have tendays to present yourself to my court, where you will renounce your loyalties to this false lord before the court of Arabel and then plead forgiveness. Failure to do so will held you accountable for association with this criminal scum, and I will personally see a warrant made for your capture, for as you may guess I still have a personal interest invested in wiping the following of Manzahar from existence.

    Lord Oversword Bhaliir

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The Church thanks the Dragon Throne for its forebearance and charity. It is good to know that the Faith will remain recognized in Arabel and surrounding counties.

    I shall consider what you and I have to be a personal matter and, having discharged that duty, I will let the church bear it's own burdens for a small while.

    Issue the warrant. When your "personal interest" grows too great to bear, know that I have a way out that may leave you whole. If you have already succumbed, we will come to blood either way, and might as well be sooner rather than later.

    Dread Inquisitor Renarde

  • It sounds as if you are gullible enough to think my "personal interests" weren't already handled. Who do you think I am, a pissant like you?

    I've changed my mind. You have until the next Court meeting tomorrow to plead your case and beg forgiveness for your stupidity. Then I'm done with you.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Noble blood has cheapened in Cormyr if her sons and daughters can no longer read.

    I wrote to issue the warrant you blackblooded, inarticulate oaf. I am not an idiot that I can't guess the outcome of your mummer's court before it meets, and you are a churlish imbecile if you think I am putting myself into your care and keeping if you cannot even keep a civil manner over letters.

    M-R Renarde.

  • How entertaining, I didn't realize you had such a sharp tongue. Now I'm actually going to regret wasting away such potential, but you appear to have made your mind. Shame.

    The only imbecile here is the peasant who thinks they can blackmail a lord of Cormyr to do their bidding. I was cured weeks ago, but it seems you were too busy kissing a skeletons ass to find out.

    Have fun hiding in whatever coffin you now reside in. It won't be long before my hounds come howling.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I did not realize that the forces of Cormyr were your dogs and I don't care about blackmailing you. I do find irony in your wording. You received word from me on the assumption that you might care about moving on from the battles. I am, and have always been, a member of the clergy, and Manzahar held a powerful place in the hierarchy until his final death recently, so it has never been my intention to follow the man to his grave. Now there is a new hierarchy. By all means take out your vendetta and keep fighting if that makes you feel better, but it's a waste of ink and blood.

    I can understand the male urge to beat your chest and howl so since you keep writing to me I am going to assume some part of you is not sure about the issue. I can only help you in person. What Manzahar left with you is dormant, not gone; at least, that is unless you always make a habit of writing like a violent, arrogant, blood drunk animal. Taking it off you benefits me more than it does you, and my interest isn't false simpering altruism. I can do what I say and I will, and the cost is only that I walk away afterwards - which should have been no argument at all.

    I will no doubt survive your bounty hunters, but this is the last time I write to you for the sole sake of satisfying your self importance. I am still amicable to a meeting but I will not be held on trial for your bloodlust.

  • [Letter at the East Way Cemetary]

    Dread Inquisitor Renarde,

    I understand a band of zealots desecrated the shrine of Clar Banda. See that the dead are returned to the graves so that another crusade on that shrine will not be needed. The laws of Cormyr will punish these criminals accordingly for their sacrilege.

    Lord Bhaliir