The Vultures Rise

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    Posted Boldly, prominently, in trafficked segments of Old Town and uncontested areas of Downtown. Thick, peachy sheets of parchment stained with a dark red ink.

    The Mad Necromancer Bent Our Knee. He is Dead.

    Baroness Winterblood refused us. She is Dead.

    Now Is The Age of the Vulture.

    Never Again Will We Be Denied. We Will Chew and Eat our FILL.

    Old Town is Ours. Any meat that dares walk it's streets is ours by rights of force.

    Pay your tribute or you will become it. Join us and be free, stand against us and be consumed.

    Know Our Names. Samantha the Betrayer. Alesszhara the Bloodwitch

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    Chirurgery of the Betrayer

    Hooked Appendage
    Price: Your own arm, a bloodstone, and a token of nature.

    Eyes of a Beast
    Price: Your own eyes, a valuable gem, and a gallon of insect blood.

    Skin of a Basalisk
    Price: A pound of flesh, three raw chunks of ore, a pile of fairy dust, a pile of bone chips.

    Claws and Bones of a Dire Beast
    Price: A small part of your personality.

    A silken appendage.
    Price: Three vermin gizzards.

    Hands of Death.
    Price: Five knuckles, a bleakstone,

    Tinctures of the Bloodwitch

    Blood Elixir
    Price: A vial of blood, and a tuft of hair.

    A bottle of Shadows
    Price: A small magical component.

    A Mark of Surrender
    Price: Your Blood, Your Hair, A Prayer to Clar Banda.

    Six Keys
    Price: Your Voice.

    A Servant For your protection and enjoyment.
    Price: The body to serve, a part of the master's humor.

    Audience Among Stranger Things.
    Price: Dust of three corpses, a sacrifice, and a major magical component.

    A lesser Binding of Power
    Price: Two small diamonds, ten Bodak's teeth, a pound of bone chips, the living soul, and the vessel imbued.

    A greater Binding of Power
    Price Two coins of gold, a powerful soul, the time to drain and torment it, and the vessel imbued.

    The Greatest Binding of Power
    Price: Two small diamonds, ten Bodak's teeth, a pound of bone chips, a pure and powerful soul, time, and the vessel imbued.

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