To the Dread Priest at Eastway

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Dread Priest.

    With the sinking of the Island, the death of Count Manzahar, and the Countess and Court members present, I wish to know the account of remaining clergy of our faith in the area. The Count named me a Dread Inquisitor the day before the battle and tasked me with certain issues he needed handled in the longer term, and now I find those issues a bit more pressing.

    To my knowledge I am the last surviving member of the Court still professing faith. As I can't imagine the Countess's full corterie were in that castle, I would know who precedes me, and what resources remain to draw upon.

    Dread Inquisitor Marie-Rose Renarde

  • Admin [DM]

    Your sources are your own, and your path here forth one you must make yourself. The clergy remain strong, a foolish plan it would be to remain upon an isle of battle. Perhaps once your name has been known, we may speak again.

    Dread Priest

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I will not accept that from a coward who will not sign his own name to paper and who postures about mystical reserves when I know full well what reserves were committed and how our forces sat in the beginning. You have no backing either, not in numbers or in divine power or authority, so do not take me for a fool or play games with me. The faith has been dealt a blow and deserves more than your insipid posturing and pretended grandure after the heart of our power sank into the ocean.

    My rank was given to me by our now deceased high priest, I have asked you a question of precidence, and in response, you insult my intelligence. If you wish to vie with me for command I will allow that. If that is what you actually had in mind, the next I meet you I will shove my sword so far down your throat that you will shit iron. If I am incorrect, and someone precedes me, you will tell me that immediately or I swear on my black soul that I will drag it out of your inarticulate corpse using one of Manzahar's rituals after I am through butchering you.

    Pass my prior message to any remaining of the Court so that I know who still survives, prepare yourself for my visit, or flee your post for sterner faithful.

    Dread Inquisitor Renarde

  • Admin [DM]

    I was granted dominion over the Crypt of the Apotheosis by the Hierophaunt himself. In his wisdom, he bade the settlement of easthaven to return to its former...tepid glory, and now, a few glory hounds and zealots have broke the shrine, and I have subsequently responded by permitting the undead to rise once more until appropriate...compensation to our faith has been made.

    Spell out a list of demands that must be met in order to secure the future of Easthaven as a human settlement, and not a sacrifice to the Dread Queen's armies.

    Dread Priest Gregory Fynolt