A message to the Servents of Clar Banda

  • These little posters find themself around most places, but mostly the shadey ones

    Your goddess claims master over Necromancy, but she is nothing but a pretender, Shars flunky and tool to try and damage Lady Mystras most holy and important Weave.

    Manzahar spells failed becuse Lady Mystra willed it. His hold over his minons was shatted and they turned into nothing but a mindless mob... because she willed it. He was your greatest, but the Mother of Magic found him distainfull... and so his necromancy failed when he needed it the most.

    At this stage, you can be a bitter loser with another great love lost and fight a losing battle to avoid the axe, or you can bow your head and praise the Mother who lets you cast -every spell- like a good son or daughter should and become something brilliant and not a wanted criminal with a short life expectency.

    I have use for those who study the Twlight and aim to become something than a mere animator and criminal. Those who dream big and can see past there own nose.

    Sarade Stamarster, Priestess of Mystra

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