Letter to the Captain of the Militia

  • This letter is written in an angular style, reminiscent of carved runes

    Captain Dauntinghorn,

    I am writing this letter to request your consideration regarding my divine mandate within the region surrounding Thunderholme, and the Northern March.

    As per my status as a Barakor, I have been tasked with the elimination of threats to the dwarvenkind, and to the civilized races. Mine specific duties range towards the abyssal, devilry, Darkspawn, and Undead.

    To that end, it would best serve my cause were I able to investigate these threats under the discretion of both Arabellian law, as well as the law of mine own kindred, of which I already serve as arbiter. Ability to search and persecute suspected cultists, and threats to the city would be a boon to my duties, and improve relations between respective races.

    I would request that you give consideration towards granting me these rights as an extra-judicial force within your city. Consider my performance during the battle of the Undead Isle as a sign of the value of my commitment to valued causes.

    Specific rights requested are:

    1. Right to search and perform citizen arrests on those deemed likely to have broken the law, as per militia code of a private. Such individuals remanded to your care.

    2. Right to retain possession of undead, darkspawn, and evil contraband, for purposes of disposal and study.


    The Barakor Dorian of the Blackforge Clan.

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