Framtalious and the Miracle of Eveningstar

  • Here, ladies and gentlemen is a preview of the upcoming production from THE Framtalious Mayus Karador, depicting the return of Lord Winters to the people of Eveningstar. Now taking applicants for the following characters, please sign your name beneath a character you wish to play and a way to contact you -

    • Framtalious Mayus Karador
      Signed, Framtalious Mayus Karador; You know where I'm at Fram.

    • Mr. Ib the Steady

    • Miss Valeria the Easily-Flustered

    • The Chorus & Chorus Leader

    SCENE: On a moonlit night beneath a large, oak tree within the fair town of Eveningstar. Two warriors cross blades for perhaps the final time. On one side, the construct known as Mr. Ib, with his fearsome great-sword and blazing eyes bearing down at our hero, Framtalious Mayus Karador, a young, handsome Gnome with a mysterious past who is also potentially of noble blood but doesn't know it yet but will soon find out. Behind them sits a fair maiden with perpetual tears in her eyes who looks on, hand to heart, waiting for the sun...

    MR.IB Foolish Gnome, you are clearly beaten, surrender!

    FRAM: Never! I do this for the honour of the lady! Framtalious Mayus Karador never surrenders to villains!

    VALERIA: Fram... (Swoons)

    CHORUS LEADER: Back and forth the flow of combat was and t'was only through his undying spirit did our Hero persevere against the artificial might of the Warforged menace. But alas-

    CHORUS: Alas!~

    CHORUS LEADER: Alas he is struck. His noble blood shed onto the roots of the great tree under which they fight their mortal combat-

    VALERIA: Fram...(Swoons but cries at the same time.).

    FRAM: Ugh. I am struck, but I am not yet dead. Soon however. Soon. There is beauty to this, you know, my sweet. A beauty one cannot fully comprehend until times such as this, times where ones hourglass upon the morrow lay empty the sands of time.

    MR.IB: What now Gnome? Surely you yield! (Evil Laugh. I am talking quite sinister here, mind.).

    VALERIA: Fram...(Swoons but cries at the same time.).

    FRAM I've seen things you constructs wouldn't believe. Flying ships on fire off the shoulder of Faerun. I watched holy flame glitter across the darkness near Zhentil Keep. All these moments, lost in time... like tears in rain...

    CHORUS LEADER: Just as death were sure to approach him, a holy beam of light bares down on the area surrounding our Hero. Lifting him like a flaming nimbus into the air as a whirlwind of dust and debris encircle him, shielding him.

    CHORUS: For he is the chosen one!

    CHORUS LEADER: And in his place, with his dying breath a prayer. The Lord of Winter sleeps peacefully beneath, returned to the people of the town she loves. The Miracle of Eveningstar.

    CHORUS: Glooooria! (Sung. Repeated.)

    MR.IB: He truly was as I suspected him to be, the true chosen from between us three...

    VALERIA: Fram... (Swoons but cries at the same time.)

    CHORUS: Glooooria! (Sung. Repeated.)

  • Admin [DM]

    [Puzzled and stunned locals ooos and aaas at the grand tale, whilst some merely scoff at the fairytale.]

  • @broken-gunblade
    [An official letter is posted next to this.]

    Though I do enjoy both Satire and Parody, I must make this formal request as it involves my actual person and can be harmful if misinformation is spread around.
    This is a completely inaccurate and false account of what actually happened, and I suggest you take this down. As a retainer of a noble house, I reserve the right to challenge you to a dual should you spread false lies and slander.

    Considering I am an engaged woman to a very loving human man, whom I care for very much, I will formally ask you to please take this down diplomatically first. I am offended by this account due to your false portrayal of my actions and your non-involvement in the matter considering you had nothing to do with Lord Winter being returned to us.

    Artistically, it's a nice fairy tale though. Creativity is an enjoyable thing to see.

    Fair Dawn,
    Valeria Ashwood
    Warrior of Lathander
    Retainer of House Dauntinghorn

  • Admin [DM]

    [The locals gossip eagerly over the rivalry in stories and fairy tales, with an equal split between the supporters of the gnome and the retainer.]

  • Truly a request forced by one's material duty than personal convictions, I'm sure. For what Warrior of Lathander would seek to snuff out the light of hope in the form of prose and song? Not only that, but threaten violence upon a humble scribe? This tale is about the Eveningstar every man; because within each and every one of us here in this town is one capable of the exploits of this tale's titular hero - in every man, woman and child who has ever dreamed of a better life, ever felt that they could be so much more, ever knew that in their heart of hearts lay dormant a hero... A Framtalious.

    [Pinned to this notice is a bucket with a few dozen handfuls of oak 'badges' emblazoned with the words - I AM FRAMTALIOUS.]

  • Admin [DM]

    [The badges are swiftly collected, with a set of rival badges appear bearing the proud symbol of Lathander. Other badges combine the two whilst some are used by children to throw at the local guards before running away.]

  • @broken-gunblade

    My intention isn't to silence your songs, but rather to make sure you do not dishonor the house I serve. My letter is meant to resolve this peacefully. You are giving me little choices as you are, instead of simply altering the script, attempting to place a stain on my houses reputation. The 'Framtalious' had nothing to do with this tale, something my friend- Ibrahim- could attest to. You sat there silently, writing on a piece of paper whilst we dealt with Lord Winter and reviving her. If you wish to write a parody or satire, as I said before, that's fine. But inaccurate accounts can be harmful and misleading. It's your job as the creator to make sure your works are not harmful, but rather beneficial to society. It's not my intent to threaten, but rather gently remind that sullying a noble houses name can incur penalties that I would rather a young and upcoming artist not have to suffer simply because they wrongly represented historical events without acknowledging truth. Honesty is a staple of civilized society, and as such I would expect this to be a virtue most valued.

    I am a warrior of Lathander, yes. And while I encourage songs and creativity, I also serve as a noble retainer of a house. These are oaths that I made not only to my house, but to the crown as well- and I see that honor with dignity and respect. I am not a woman who breaks her oaths and furiously seek to protect those oaths. I'd ask you respect that, instead of accusing me of attempting to snuff out your 'hope' in further attempts to bully me into submission.

    But you know what my gnomish friend? I am a good sport. I rather like games. It is a fun past time. So, I see your satire, and raise you an accurate historical illustration of what actually occurred. Perhaps our dual of honor and creativity will bring some smiles to some children's faces.

    After all. Duals don't have to be violent. So here is the challenge. We shall dual our creativity and skill of the arts in lathander's name. This shall not be a dual of bronze, but of imagination and skill.

    The Dawn always rises,
    Valeria Ashwood
    Warrior of Lathander
    Retainer of House Dauntinghorn

    [A hand drawn symbol of Eveningstar accompanies this piece. Valeria, clearly a gifted artist, seems to have drawn a picture of the events of Lord Winter's rising. Next to the Starwater river rests a glowing Lord Winter. A woman dressed in armor, bearing the lathanderite symbol of a rising sun, holds Lord Winter in her arms- bridal style. Beside her, a warforged man stares blankly down at the two. And in the distance, next to a tree, a gnome has his face in a sheet of paper, muttering to himself and writing. The lathanderite woman, Valeria, looks down with happy tear-filled eyes as Lord Winter's form is restored and nature blooms and blossoms around her. The scene depicts a large bright light coming from Lord Winter which illuminates the entire town. In the distance of the scene, you can see the castle standing proudly next to a rising sun.]
    @Puffy @Broken-Gunblade

  • Admin [DM]

    [The locals oos and ass at the drama that is unfolding in written and drawn form, many copying the design for their own crude poster to put up at home. So far no reply or comment has been made by House Winter, but the gossip is running wild in Eveningstar.]

  • @puffy [//ooc, added a small segment to the last note. Forgot to put it in before.]

  • It is natural for a representative of a House to make an effort to bolster their reputation within the House by bloating their own exploits. I do not fault you for it. But to accuse me of such vagary as to lie whilst you pen down ones of your own, well, what did the Pot call the Kettle again, my dear? I recall the event as if it were yesterday. The fey dust all around me, its reaction to my presence, the importance of the Framtalious Tree bearing down on the scene as the sheer light of Lathander bathed me in all it's glory. These things are difficult to forget.

    If you are intent on resorting to violence to silence this play, then it is true that I cannot stop you, but know that such an act brings your boot now firmly onto the neck of the people of Eveningstar, on each and every Framtalious out there, with hope in their hearts and goodness in their spirit...

    I bring entertainment and song; fruits of creativity to convey the miracle that was that day. Thus far, you've given us all threats and a reasonably sketched parody. I'll indulge.

    [A drawing accompanies this reply; There is a glowing Lord Winter who lies on the banks of the Starwater river beneath a large tree. Beside her, a Gnome in dashing robes and a fantastically ornate hat. He is looking towards the audience, his left hand in a gesture with thumb and two fingers up, two fingers down and a halo around his head. At the foot of the glowing Lord are two figures, the first, a generously busty woman dressed in armour bearing the Lathanderite symbol with tears in her eyes who reaches out towards the Gnome and another, a Warforged with red, glowing eyes who is nursing a damaged arm as he looks on in awe...]

  • It seems I've caught you in a bit of a pickle, in your own twisted way. You say that I am resorting to violence, yet I've challenged you to a dual of arts. It is quite clear that you are attempting to ruin and sully not only my own name and reputation, but my houses by claiming violence. Furthermore, you claimed to be a patron of song yet.. I heard no song from you on that day. In fact, you were so enthralled trying to introduce yourself that you repeated your own name nine times and tried to introduce yourself nine times whilst Ibrahim and I were focused on Lord Winter. You never cared for her. You didn't even pay attention to her. You wanted the spotlight on yourself. In fact, the only reason you were close to me was because you were leaning on the nearbye tree attempting to get my attention whilst I focused on figuring out what the blooming flowers meant.
    Your own illustration of me is of a beautiful, big breasted woman with hearts in her eyes. The stereotypical swooning woman. This feels nothing more than a playground boy's crush, whom he torments because he wants attention from the woman of his desires. You care nothing for my own feelings or consideration, instead ignoring them rudely to bring yourself your own grandeur and fame. No, instead, you attempt to bully me and put me down with your words, taunting me, because you think that it'll get you noticed with little regard for how it affects those you've chosen to humiliate.
    You use my god's faith and dogma, maliciously, in order to try and silence me. Because you think that because you are an artist that it gives you a free pass to humiliate and harm whoever you want. Because it's your 'art.' Yet, you are not even Lathanderite yourself. You also attempt to bring the honor and integrity of Eveningstar people into this, when really this is about you and me. Because you want to use these people as a shield to keep acting maliciously. You continue to spread lies in order to create chaos and confusion in a town who were previously just mourning the loss of their Lord. A town who just went through a terrible tragedy, only to be saved. I do not believe you act in the light of the Morninglord. I believe you act selfishly, in order to piggy back your way on the accomplishments and feats of others. You've done nothing more than thieve and inflict pain. Not entertain. I attempted to make light of this situation, to put on a show. But all you've done is continue to muddy and sully. Continue to try and destroy in order to use it to pull your way to fame and fortune. Shutting your production down wouldn't be silencing hope or creativity. It'd be righting a wrong and keeping a man with malicious intent from using other people in a selfish way.

    Furthermore, there are witnesses to what happened. The messenger boy who watched as it all happened. The fishermen down the road who sells bait. Ibrahim, the warforged. And one of the village women who happened to be outside.

    Lastly, I grew up in a temple of the Morninglord. For most of my life, I have kept an oath of honesty that I still hold myself to. Lying is the act of agents of chaos. You are not bringing fruits to convey the miracle of day, even your satire shows only you as the hero with an angelic halo around your head. It portrays you as the soul responsible for this when, in reality, you had nothing to do with it. Your script reflects your own inner motive, as every work of art reflects the soul that creates it. You only care about bringing light upon yourself. And that, is not, something I can support. So I will state this firmly. Take it down. I won't stand for these insults any longer.

    -Valeria Ashwood
    Warrior of Lathander

    [The seen that is drawn with this picture is that of Fram. He leans against the tree, clearing his throat, as he tried to furiously get the attention of the warforged and the lathanderite warrior as they hold an urn of some kind. The two larger humanoid's look to be inquiring and studying the urn as the gnome's angered red face tries to get their attention. Valeria looks normal and as accurately drawn as the artist could get. She has no heart shaped eyes, no large bosom, and a medium build. She looked- modest. A simple backpack is strung on her back. The warforged looked like a seasoned warrior with scrapes on his metal skin. He stands almost motionless like a statue, a cloak billowing in the wind. The hour was somewhat night time. Presumably this happened before the last picture presented. The date and relative time is added at the right. The two stand over the yellowed portal that sits on the bank. Nothing flashy is given to any one person. It is simply a scene, held in place and time. Almost like a penciled photograph.]

  • [The only thing that could be construed as a reply are flyers advertising a preview of 'Framtalious and the Miracle of Eveningstar' at Tilverton, followed by a full premiere at the King's Theatre in Arabel within the near future. These ornate works of advertising show three figures standing side-by-side; in the middle is a handsome Gnome with an extremely well maintained moustache lifting a blade towards the sky, a halo around his head - To his left is a rather stoic looking warforged with flaming red eyes and on his right is a generously busty woman in Lathanderite armour, holding her hands in reverent prayer. At the foot of these figures is the sleeping Lord Winter.]

  • Admin [DM]

    [Amused villager swiftly begin to send in letters to Tilverton and the King' Teather request a ticket for the upcoming show]

  • @Savn [A copy of the letters and notes is sent to the Captain of the Militia. ]

    This has gone too far. - Val

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