Visibility of Rules with move to EE

  • Hi.

    So. We've had a few new pcs on our awesome server, and I think it's a good idea to bring up those rules us old-timers all know by heart.

    The great thing with a move to EE means we're going to have a PC influx. However. I doubt all of them will read the players hand book while they AFK in Maleens Spire. So I would suggest we consider making these rules a bit more friendly when entering certain buildings.

    I think Old Town is fine, but one that I was reminded of more recently was the rules of say, Shylocks.

    Or the rules of the World Serpent.

    Or - the rules of the city, even. 😃

    My suggestion is to post these in areas with descriptors (which we do sometimes) and then add an "//OOC: This area requires DM oversite to pvp in." to signs/things that you inspect. This would be IN ADDITION to the fun descriptions we have on these items already.

    anyhow, just a thing. Share your thoughts.


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