Dread Sword's Demand

  • Storyteller [DM]

    On behalf of the Undead Court, and as a Dread Sword of Clar Banda, rightful claimant to the followers of Velsharoon:

    The Velsharoonite priestess known publicly as Sarade Stamarster is hereby ordered to renounce her false allegiance to Mystra and attend me or an associate of the Church to repent her heresy. I have heard her opinions of her Faith's new mistress and find them to be offensive and heretical.

    Let it be known to the city of Arabel that this individual is an animator of the dead and belongs to me. The black mark of unholy power will call to it's own and knows its true place. Come willingly to my side to reclaim your place in the priesthood and I will reward you. Resist, and no stone wall or clever falsehood will save you from Her displeasure.

    Dread Sword Renarde

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