Letter to various People

  • Storyteller [DM]

    [A copy of the same letter is sent to various individuals: Evander, Val Ashwood, Lord Bhaliir, Zuzanna, Ibrahim, Animus, Daxx, Falwyn, Bryndis, Sarade]

    To whom it may concern,

    Some of you know, some of you do not that I have been marked with the divine spark Manzahar holds from my first encounter with him. It manifests as a scar in the shape of an old raven on my cheek. What you may not know is how this has been affecting me. I feel an intense anger and burning hatred towards things and individuals that would only be a minor annoyance in the past and it gets worse as time goes on. Since his touch I've lost my ability to control my emotions at times and lashed out uncontrollably. I have reached out for aid in removing his mark but received no assistance as of yet. I am able to resist the darker temptations from it but, well, I'm sure you've all seen its effects bleed out. I need this mark removed, I have known no peace, no comfort, no calm since it was applied and the hate within is corrupting me like a poison turning me against friend as well as foe. I reach out once more for aid to those willing or understanding enough to help me become myself again.

    -Damion Latok

  • The letter is placed under Animus' chamber doors within the Castle of the Purple Dragons in Eveningstar, as many are hopeful that his soul will be rejoined with his body.

  • This is the first time I've heard of the effects of this mark. However, they are none surprising. Know that there are others like you, branded by this lunatic. See to a member of the clergy- they will surely have ways to remove this curse from you.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • @latoksinned

    If you will trust in me, we can help you and be a couple again. I too believe in your freedom, but we can not do such again. Will you give us another chance?


  • Damion.

    I did not know you were marked. Then again, we do not meet often. You say the mark came from the use of a divine spark? I am no priest or mage, but I would suspect you would need divine assistance to remove it. All I can suggest is for you to speak with the clergy of a faith you believe in. Gain the notice of the divine and see this curse removed.

    If you wish to be close to the elements and seek their aid, I can teach you what I know of the Water. Else, let me know which path you take to see this curse removed, and I will assist as I can.

    -- Daxx

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