A missive to the Noble households of The Northern Marches, Tilverton and Arabel Militia, Purple Dragons and the Golden Guard, as well as the Holy faiths of the City: The Coalition of the United Northern Territory

  • Fellow Defenders of the Northern Marches, enemies of Manzahar,

    For too long, have we played our hand in the pocket of our enemy by fighting this common threat by ourselves. As long as we do not face him together, his decrepit web of lies and deception will continue to cause disarray as it has in the past. Even now, as the madman and his minions prepare to unleash the hordes of the Undead isle, he plants letters, books, false promises and idle threats to establish an illusion of control. I've personally fought this threat longer than any man or woman present, and I know he will not end this farce before it is finished for him. We thus face the tireless and bitter ambition of a lunatic that will not be defeated, until all his wards are broken and nothing but the cowardly shell of the pathetic man within remains.

    People of Tilverton- Know that you do not stand alone, for the Council of Arabel has no desire to see your village fall. We have no desire to allow the dream of Mistral Ophirae, Zuzana of the Feyfolk, Ampharen of Gond and the rest of the Bishoprict to be swallowed by the Madness of one man. The Council forges a decisive battle plan to turn the tide of war against this mongrel. We thus call for the forces of the Northern Marches to come together as the Coalition of the United Northern Territory.

    The First War Council shall be held in 5 hours from now, at the Palace of Arabel- where a representative of the Golden Guard, Purple Dragons, Tilverton Militia, Arabel Militia, Churches of Tempus, Lathander, Mystra and Gond are invited alongside all the noble households of The North- to join this coalition and together device our final plan. United, under strong leadership, we will crush this damned fool in the battle to come.

    Lord Chancellor Foril Bhaliir,

    Oversword of the Northern Marches

    Lord Commander of the Stormkeep

    Protectorate of Old Town, and Arabel


  • // I will be at work I may be able to get off 40 mins after this set time

  • Storyteller [DM]

    ///Will be there

  • [a small note is left to the Oversword]

    My current duties do not allow me to join the meeting.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

    //that is 4 pm for me. I will still be at work. Wont be home until 2 or 3 hours after it starts.//

  • The Next War council: Tomorrow morn.

  • The Last War Council: 2 hours from now

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